Louis Tomlinson Ends First Leg Of Headlining Tour With High Energy & Gratitude In Los Angeles

The North America portion of the Louis Tomlinson World Tour started in early Feb. in Dallas, TX and wrapped up with two sold out shows in Los Angeles, CA this past weekend.

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Louis Tomlinson always had faith in the future and now it’s paying off. The 30-year-old singer from Doncaster, a town in Yorkshire, England, was once only known as 1/5th of One Direction but now he’s filling up stages all on his own, in a way that gets back to the basics of music. Two sold out shows in Los Angeles, CA on March 12 and 13, ended the first leg of his first ever solo world tour, and proved the talented songwriter doesn’t need fancy costume changes, elaborate dance moves, or four other singers to trade off vocals with to keep a high energy crowd on its feet. No, this lad only relies on his stronger than ever voice, a backing band, and the passion that comes with every meaningful lyric he belts out with gratitude, to let the crowd know they’re witnessing something truly special. His gratitude is not only for the opportunity to be on a stage, but also for the patience (his tour was put on hold for two years due to COVID) and devotion his fan base has given him.

Louis Tomlinson
Louis Tomlinson on stage in Los Angeles for the last show of the first leg of his world tour. (Courtesy of HollywoodLife)

Although the set list of each L.A. show was the same, Louis left the YouTube Theater attendees that went to both shows feeling like they were hearing each song for the first time. His opening song, “We Made It,” is fitting considering the long pandemic-filled road it’s taken both Louis and his fans to reach these thrilling and memorable nights of music. The upbeat and catchy tune was the perfect anthem to kick off the epic shows and immediately gave off a vibe of kinship between the performer and his audience that stayed consistent throughout. “Drag Me Down,” the first of three One Direction songs in Louis’ set, came next, and from the shriek of excitement and massive sing-a-longs, it’s easy to see the X Factor-created band, who went on hiatus in early 2016, is still very much loved and appreciated.

After praising the “American” leg of the tour by calling the shows “unbelievable” on both nights, Louis started “Don’t Let It Break Your Heart,” an inspirational ballad about keeping your head up when “life gets hard” and “messed up.” It’s a song that reminds those going through tough times that they’re most likely just “driving down a one-way road to something better.” He follows it up with his most heart-wrenching song to date, “Two of Us,” which he wrote in honor of his late mom Johannah Deakin, who sadly passed away from cancer in 2016. Accompanied by a touching string section, the song’s first set of lyrics sum up the devastating reality of grief. “It’s been a minute since I called you, just to hear the answerphone, yeah, I know that you won’t get this, but I’ll leave a message so I’m not alone,” he passionately sings with his eyes closed. Suddenly, everyone who’s lost a loved one, especially a parent, is deeply feeling their own emotions along with his, and the collateral beauty is shining through every singing voice and set of heart-shaped hands that lift up in the air as Louis promises to “live one life for the two of us.”

Next came the upbeat and fun jam, “Always You,” which is about realizing the person you once thought you needed to get away from is the one you end up wanting to be with. He follows it up with the first song he ever released as a solo artist: “Just Hold On.” He originally teamed up with DJ Steve Aoki for his first performances of the song back in 2016 and 2017, but it’s just him and his band this time, and they move through it perfectly before moving on to “Too Young,” a song about how experience and maturity can change your point of view on a particular relationship. “7” by Catfish and the Bottlemen is the first of two cover songs Louis tackles and his intense vocals prove he’s worked hard to give the song justice and make it all his own at the same time.

The powerful “Fearless” and catchy “Habit” are the next two tunes on the list as Louis also takes a moment to give shout-outs to Sun Room, the opening band of the North America shows, and the tour’s crew. He then leads into the unreleased “Copy of a Copy of a Copy,” a song his loyal followers already know every word to, before he moves on to “Defenceless” in which the lyric, “Just want to be loved by you” brings on screams from the crowd, who assure him he’s loved by them. For the second cover song, “Beautiful War” by Kings of Leon, Louis encourages his fans to hold up the flashlights on their phones to create a beautiful glowing scene throughout the theater.

The shows wrap up with the second One Direction song, “Little Black Dress,” and “Walls,” the Oasis-inspired title track of Louis’ debut album, released in 2020, before he promises to come back for an encore. During the minutes-long wait, the crowd eagerly chants his name before breaking out into some of his other songs, including the non-album single, “Miss You,” to show off their anticipation. Louis and his band are met with louder than ever cheers as they walk back on stage and take on the melancholy song “Only the Brave,” which proves to be the calmest moment of the shows as the musician, who moved all around the stage during the previous songs, stays at the microphone stand throughout. It’s then time to ramp up every music lover in the audience with the last two songs as Louis advises them to give it their all. One Direction’s “Through the Dark” and the rocking opening track of Walls, “Kill My Mind,” end the incredible shows before Louis thanks the crowd and walks off the stage with confidence as his band continues to play to cap the nights off.

As the music ends and the lights of the theater turn on, it’s hard to not feel proud of Louis and all he’s achieved. As a teenager with an audition and a dream, he started off with a relatable vulnerability that led to an unexpected life-changing opportunity that he refuses to take for granted. Despite all the hardships he’s had to endure over the last several years, it’s clear to see that no matter what life throws at him, one thing’s for sure: Louis’ not backing down.

The second leg of the Louis Tomlinson World Tour 2022 begins in Iceland on March 23.