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‘Sweet Magnolias’ Star Anneliese Judge: The Aftermath Of Kyle’s Accident ‘Blew’ Her Mind

We will find out who was the unknown passenger in Kyle's car soon enough! But 'Sweet Mangolias' star Anneliese Judge teased that it is 'totally unexpected.'

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Sweet Magnolias left us all on the edge of our seats when season one ended with Kyle (Logan Allen) being excavated from Ty’s crashed car and a mysterious second passenger unable to get out. Now, Anneliese Judge, who stars as Annie Sullivan, revealed that fans will be shocked with the aftermath of the accident, and teased that that moment won’t even be “the most interesting thing that happens in season two.” “It definitely throws a wrench in things, we find out why it happened, what exactly happened. Gosh, it’s a roller coaster,” she told HollywoodLife in an IG Live interview. “Everyone’s just going to have to watch and get their own ideas, and see how it all unfolds. But, it definitely causes a lot of tension. It’s one of those big moments this season.”

Anneliese recalled when herself and fellow cast members found out for themselves in the first table read of season 2 and were completely shocked. “Our showrunner Sheryl Anderson is notorious for keeping secrets from the cast, which is great because we get to be excited, and share theories and guesses, just like everybody else,” she explained. “But oh my gosh, we came in for our first table read on Zoom because of COVID. We were so excited to find out and when we finally did, we found out as soon as we read the first script, and it blew everyone’s mind. I mean, expect the unexpected.”

Anneliese Judge. (Jenn Lewis)

Additionally, when it comes to Annie’s love life this season, we were curious if she would continue to explore her feelings for Ty (Carson Rowland) after their awkward exchanges throughout season 1. “Wherever the writers room would like to take this story, I’m all in,” Anneliese said of the possible romance between Annie and Ty. “I think a lot of things change this season, and there’s a lot that we’re going to see happen that is going to be unexpected to viewers and was to the cast ourselves.”

She continued, “Annie does… might find some love this season and I think that that affects everybody. No matter what is going on in somebody’s life, it always somehow ends up impacting everybody in serenity. Everybody’s got an opinion. And we’ll get to see it all.”

Be sure to tune in to Sweet Magnolias season 2 as it drops on Netflix February 4th!