Halle Berry Finally Addresses Rumor She Has 6 Toes & Reveals Whether Or Not It’s True

While discussing her feet with Ellen DeGeneres, Halle Berry opened up about the rumor that she has six toes, and showed off her bare foot to clear things up once and for all.

Halle Berry is putting a long-standing rumor about herself to rest: She does NOT have six toes. The actress appears on the Feb. 3 episode of The Ellen DeGeneres shows and takes part in a game of Burning Questions. When Ellen asks her what body part she’s most proud of, Halle admits that it’s her feet. “I’ve got some good looking feet, Ellen,” Halle brags. “I’m known for my feet. I am.”

halle berry ellen degeneres
Halle Berry on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres show’ (Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.)

After a bit of a conversation about Halle’s feet, she adds, “Except, there’s a rumor, can I clear that up while we’re talking about my feet? I do not have six toes. People always ask me, ‘Is it true, you have six toes?'” So there’s that! Ellen even convinces Halle to take her shoe off and show her bare foot to the crowd, counting off the toes to prove that there are only FIVE. Just in case, she also does it with the other foot, proudly wiggling her toes for the audience and viewers.

halle berry
Halle Berry on the red carpet. (Chelsea Lauren/Shutterstock)

During the interview, Halle also dished about her best on-screen kiss, which she says was with Hugh Jackman. Their lip-lock never made it to the final cut of the movie, but it was clearly still memorable for Halle! Plus, there’s talk about her current real-life romance with Van Hunt, who she’s been dating since the summer of 2020. Ellen points out that Halle and Van were both on different episodes of her talk show’s first season, and Halle admits that she was disappointed they hadn’t met back then.

She recalls telling Van, “You could’ve found me 20 years and and saved me all this misery I’ve been through!” Then, to Ellen, she adds, “How come you didn’t arrange that, Ellen? You would’ve saved me three marriages!” When Ellen points out that Halle then wouldn’t have her two children, the actress hilariously claps back, “I’d have two other f***ing kids that I wouldn’t have to share two f***ing daddies with and I’d be f***ing happier!”

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