Jensen Ackles Says Jessica Alba Was ‘Horrible’ To Work With On ‘Dark Angel’

During a recent interview, actor Jenson Ackles details the 'undue stress' he endured while working with Jessica Alba on 'Dark Angel.'

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Jensen Ackles, Jessica Alba
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Actor Jensen Ackles just detailed his experience working with actress Jessica Alba on James Cameron‘s 2000 sci-fi drama Dark Angel, and apparently, it wasn’t such a great ride. Speaking on Michael Rosenbaum’s “Inside of You” podcast on Jan. 18, Jensen revealed working with Jessica was actually “horrible” but confirmed he “told this to her face.”

He then prefaced his retelling of the experience by noting that he loves the actress and that she was “under an immense amount of pressure” being a young new star of the show while also navigating a “rocky” relationship with her co-star Michael Weatherly that caused “undue stress” on the set. HollywoodLife has reached out to Jessica’s reps for comment.

Jensen then shared that Jessica still acted the same way in front of the crew which left him wondering, “What the f—? What did I do?” He then claimed he retaliated against his co-star by fighting “fire with fire,” saying, “So I was just like, ‘Oh, looks like we’re getting bitch Alba today, everybody hang onto your nuts.'”
Jensen Ackles, Jessica Alba
Jensen Ackles, Jessica Alba (Kathy Hutchins/Matt Baron/Shutterstock).

The Smallville star continued by saying that the crew “loved it” when he pushed back against the Dark Angel star, causing Jessica to feel like, “Okay, now I can just be a dick to him and he’ll be a dick to me and that’s how we’ll roll.” Although the actor said he sometimes felt “bullied,” it did build “some mutual respect” between the two of them.

He also went on to share that the Sin City actress supported him when his grandfather died during production. “She literally walked into my trailer and just held me for half an hour,” he recalled, also sharing that he kept her company in a “platonic, very brother-sister” way whenever her boyfriend at the time Michael was out of town.