Camila Cabello’s Celebrity Trainer Shares Her No. 1 Tip For Losing Holiday Weight In New Year

Camila Cabello's trainer, Jenna Willis, EXCLUSIVELY shared with HL what her top tip is for losing holiday weight in the new year.

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The holidays have already come and gone and now that the new year is here, it’s time to get back on track. Many of us indulged over the holiday season, and if you did, do not fret, because Camila Cabello’s trainer, Jenna Willis, EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife, what her number one tip is for losing holiday weight.

Jenna made sure to say that the more time passes, the harder it is to motivate yourself. “The farther away we get from our goals and the more time that passes, the more challenging it feels – and the more you want that quick fix! The reason I say this is because a lot of times during the holidays we just stop. (Myself included!) We stop exercising and we eat whatever we want,” she shared.

So, once you’re stuck in a rut and feel unmotivated, she said it’s important to dive right in. “Taking that first step back can feel discouraging. So, how do we get back on track? Start small, so you don’t burn out. Build a sturdy foundation that will keep you going and pick a goal that is concise and tangible.”

Another important tip is to not get down on yourself, which Jenna explained, “A lot of people come into the new year and set a TON of goals, but they feel overwhelmed and the goals slowly disappear. Maybe it’s as simple as moving for 10 minutes a day. Create a habit of that for one month and then add on the number of minutes per day. If you take the time to be patient with yourself and change your patterns, you will lay a strong foundation for success.”

As for yo-yo diets and restricting yourself, Jenna, who just teamed up with CaPao, a delicious brand of upcycled cacaofruit snacks, to keep people motivated, said that’s a huge no. “I tell my clients crash diets and overdoing workouts can be like a bad relationship. If they seem too good to be true, they are,” she said.

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“While at first, it may feel exciting since change seems to be happening, but then all of a sudden, all the pitfalls that challenged your previous relationships will sneak back in and you’ll find yourself right where you started – unhappy, unhealthy, and maybe holding a pint of ice cream,” Jenna shared.

If you’re someone who is just getting into exercising and don’t know where to start, Jenna suggested, “Find joy in moving! Don’t fear exercise – find ways to make it fun. This could be as simple as taking a walk around the block, trying to find a new activity that gets you in motion, or taking on a more skilled activity, such as golf or horseback riding.”

Jenna continued to say, “You don’t have to exercise for hours a day to reap the benefits. I promise you will see a difference in your body and feel an improvement in stress and anxiety with only 10-30 minutes of exercise a day.”

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