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Daniel Craig Crashes Rami Malek’s Audition For Prince Movie On ‘SNL’ — Watch

Daniel Craig made a hilarious cameo in a sketch to support co-star Rami Malek on 'SNL' -- coming dressed as a royal prince instead of the late singer!

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Daniel Craig
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Rami Malek, 40, had some help from Daniel Craig during his Saturday Night Live debut! Daniel appeared during a sketch where Rami and Kenan Thompson attempted to audition for the role of late singer Prince in a new biopic film directed by Jordan Peele (in this case, played by Chris Redd). “Wow this is going to be tough — first of all, you guys are my top two choices to play Prince in my biopic?” Chris’ Jordan said to a keen Rami and Kenan, who both came dressed for the role.

Kenan Thompson and Rami Malek are seen auditioning to play the late Prince in a biopic on ‘SNL’. (NBC)

The two were then asked to perform a myriad of tasks as the singer, including “doing a funky link on a guitar,” and being “pelted in the legs with a football” — all of which led to the exact same move set to Prince’s iconic song “Kiss,” which was released back in 1989.  “Rami looks identical to prince in costume,” one of the judges retorted, as the actor confirmed he was “up all night” making the costume.

After it was revealed the film was set to be a biopic that turned into a horror film about racism, a third auditioner popped up: Daniel, who apparently confused the role for an actual royal prince instead of the singer. “Am I late? To audition for the part of the prince?” he inquired.

Daniel Craig
Daniel Craig pops up in an ‘SNL’ sketch on Oct. 16, making a surprise appearance. (NBC)

“I’m sorry Daniel Craig…did you even read the script?” Chris asked, as Daniel confidently replied, “It’s a horror movie about racism. I’m here, I’m ready — can I at least have a go, a try?” After he busted a couple guitar strings to “Kiss,” he ended up landing the role because he was dressed as a prince — too funny!

Rami’s appearance comes over a year after his No Time To Die co-star Daniel Craig had the honor. Craig, who is playing James Bond for the last time in the latest release, hilariously spoofed the 007 character during his March 2020 opening monologue with a casino scene. After a flirtation with some ladies (as James Bond does), he enjoyed his usual martini — shaken, not stirred — before drama ensued with a dealer who turned out to be a Spectre agent.

Season 47 of SNL kicked off with a bang, welcoming Owen Wilson, 52, for his hosting debut! The Wedding Crashers star shockingly had not appeared on the series before, previously chalking it up to nerves around public speaking.  Kim Kardashian was up the next week in an episode surrounded with controversy and plenty of buzz. While many speculated the KKW Beauty found would bomb as host, the episode was arguably one of the best in recent years!

The reality star didn’t hold back when it came to making jabs at her reality TV family, including her siblings and mom. Kris Jenner, 65, and Khloe Kardashian, 37, made surprise cameos in two sketches, bringing some serious laughs both times — particularly in the “People’s Kourt” skit where various KarJenners attempted to sue each other for trivial reasons (stealing a makeup artist and not creating enough drama being two of them).