Brian Austin Green Reveals Why He Has A ‘Fear Of Disappointing’ GF Sharna Burgess On ‘DWTS’

Brian Austin Green opened up about his 'fear of disappointing' girlfriend Sharna Burgess during their run on 'DWTS.' He admitted he doesn't want to 'crush' her dream of loving to dance.

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Brian Austin Green Sharna Burgess
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Brian Austin Green and Sharna Burgess have brought their love to the ballroom on Dancing With the Stars. As they navigate the competition and their relationship, Brian wants to be his absolute best for his girlfriend. Brian and Sharna spoke with reporters, including HollywoodLife, about whether or not they have fears about letting each other down while on DWTS.

“I have much more of a fear of disappointing her because when we first were really spending more time with each other and dating, she used to talk about the fact that it would be so great if we could dance together. Not on the show, but just in general,” Brian said after the September 27 show. “Like, let’s go somewhere together. And I was always like, ah, because that scares the crap out of me because she’s a dancer. So then coming here, it was like, man, if this doesn’t go well, I could crush that dream for her. She’ll have to pick something else, whether it’s like, hey, let’s go bungee jumping. Or I’ve always had a dream of skydiving with somebody. So there is that stress of like, this is what she does, but can she do it with me? And it’s not a doubt of her. It’s a doubt of myself, for sure.”

Brian Austin Green Sharna Burgess
Brian Austin Green and Sharna Burgess cuddle during the September 27 episode. (ABC)

Sharna stressed that she doesn’t fear that Brian is going to let her down. The DWTS pro revealed that they have “different” fears when it comes to their relationship and the show.

“For me, my fear was I don’t want to stress the relationship because I know me as a choreographer and as a coach, I’m obsessive. I’m tough. And I put the pressure on,” Sharna said. “I demand for it to be great, and it’s got great results in the past, but now my relationship is more my priority than having an amazing rumba basic. So I was like, shoot, how do I find that balance of keeping my relationship priority when there’s also this thing that I also love so much and know how to do so well. So that was my fear with it that I don’t want to put the anxiety and the stress of what this competition can be in our relationship outside of it. But we have such great communication. Anything that arises, we talk about. We have a beautiful relationship, really. And so we haven’t had that anxiety, I don’t think.”

The couple danced a sensual rumba during the second week of the competition. While their chemistry is palpable, their performance didn’t hit high marks with the judges. They received a score of 23 out of 40. Sharna revealed that she’s looking ahead to the upcoming weeks of the competition because the styles will be more up Brian’s alley.

Brian Austin Green Sharna Burgess
Brian Austin Green and Sharna Burgess performing their rumba. (ABC)

“Honestly, I am now looking forward to teaching Brian any style in the weeks moving forward because we no longer have him shooting other shows and time restraints on our rehearsals,” Sharna told reporters. “For example, the rumba tonight, we had all of that 8 hours of rehearsal in the studio because we lost three days. He was shooting another show. I think, as I observe him as a coach, I think he’s really going to sit well in the tangos and the quick steps, the real ballroom frame things. So I’m excited to get more into those. We’ve got a lot of work on loosening up those hips a little bit for when we get to the salsas and the cha-chas.” Dancing With the Stars season 30 airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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