Kevin Federline Denies Using His Kids As ‘Pawns’ For Britney Spears’ Conservatorship

Kevin Federline's lawyer spoke out days after Britney's bombshell testimony, saying her ex-husband was 'not involved' in the conservatorship.

Kevin Federline & Britney Spears
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Kevin Federline‘s lawyer is making it clear he did not use his kids as a “pawn” between ex-wife Britney Spears, 39, and her father Jamie Spears, 68, during her on going conservatorship. “Kevin has never used his children as pawns for anything. Kevin has always acted, putting the kids first,” the attorney, Mark Vincent Kaplan, said to Page Six on June 30. Kaplan went on to explain that “things” Kevin did were “for the sake of the health and well being” of their kids Sean, 15, and Jayden, 14.

Kevin Federline & Britney Spears
Kevin Federline and Britney Spears originally met when he worked on her Onyx Hotel Tour in 2003. The pair were married the following year. (Shuttestock)

Notably, Britney and Kevin were married in 2004, but split by 2007. The lawyer also confirmed that the former Britney and Kevin: Chaotic star was “not involved” in the conservatorship. “Kevin was not involved in the conservatorship, and he was not an agent of the conservator or anybody on that side of the probate case,” Kaplan explained. “All along, Kevin has had one goal and that was to make it more likely, as soon as reasonable, that he and Britney could have a successful co-parenting relationship regarding the kids,” the lawyer also said.

Britney and Kevin share custody of their teenage sons, with the “Toxic” singer holding 30% and Kevin the majority at 70%. The lawyer also addressed Kevin’s sole custody request in 2008, around the time of the pop star’s very public breakdown. “Kevin went forward with the sole custody request because he didn’t feel the children were safe…There’s a lot of information that we don’t have, and until we have it, there’s not going to be any change of custody because the kids are doing very well with Kevin,” he added.

Hours before the attorney’s statement, Britney’s request to have her father Jamie removed from her conservatorship was denied. Jamie has remained in the position of conservator since 2008, meaning he has been in charge of her business affairs and finances for 13 years in total. In Nov. 2020, he became co-conservator, sharing responsibilities with financial firm Bessemer Trust.

In Britney’s shocking 23 minute testimony, she made a number of bombshell allegations about the on-going arrangement which she dubbed “abusive.” She specifically compared her father Jamie to a “sex trafficker” as she detailed being “forced” to work a 2018 world tour. Britney also revealed she is unable to have another child with boyfriend Sam Asghari, 27, as she wishes due to an IUD she is not allowed to remove.
“I wanted to take the (IUD) out so I could start trying to have another baby, but this so-called team won’t let me go to the doctor to take it out because they don’t want me to have children,” said via transcriptions and leaked audio fo the testimony. “I deserve to have a life. I’ve worked my whole life… I deserve to have the same rights as anybody does, by having a child, a family, any of those things, and more so.”

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