‘Siesta Key’ Preview: Juliette Urges Sam To Shut Down Jordana’s Flirting

Juliette has had enough of Jordana flirting with her man on this season of 'Siesta Key,' and in this EXCLUSIVE sneak peek, he finally confronts the situation head-on.

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The June 23 episode of Siesta Key will feature Sam Logan standing up for his relationship with Juliette Porter and telling off Jordana Barnes once and for all. Throughout this entire season so far, Jordana hasn’t held back from flirting with Sam, and Juliette is admittedly sick of it. “Jordana has always been a flirty person, but lately, she really crossed the line with Sam,” Juliette explains in the EXCLUSIVE preview above. “So I told Sam he needed to tell her to start respecting us.”

Sam flat-out asks Jordana to “cool it down” with the flirting because it’s “causing an issue” between him and Juliette. “I really didn’t do that much to her except be friendly with you,” Jordana insists, but Sam holds his ground. He responds, “I wouldn’t call it friendly. It’s become flirting at this point.”

Jordana accuses Sam of “liking the attention,” but he shuts that down right away. “I really don’t when it’s cause these kinds of issues with Juliette and I,” he admits. From afar, Juliette is watching the conversation go down while talking with her friends. “Sam’s problem is that he’s so nice to everyone and her delusional little brain thinks that he has feelings for her,” she says.

Meanwhile, Jordana tells Sam that Juliette is just “jealous” and “insecure,” but he stands by his girl. “It is just a bit much at this point,” Sam explains. “I really don’t want this to come between our friendship and that’s the direction it’s going right now So if you could just cool it down a little.” Jordana is visibly pissed. “No problem, Sam,” she responds, sarcastically. “Whatever’s best for you, Sam.”

New episodes of Siesta Key air on Wednesdays at 8:00 p.m. on MTV.

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