‘Love, Victor’s Isabella Ferreira Reveals How Pilar & Felix’s Relationship Will ‘Blossom’ In Season 2

Relationships and romances may be shifting when Season 2 of 'Love, Victor' premieres, according to series star Isabella Ferreira.

Season 2 of Love, Victor, which drops on Hulu this Friday, June 11, will feature a lot of character growth. Not only will viewers see Victor (Michael Cimino) continue his coming out journey after telling his parents the big news, but viewers will also see Victor’s sister, Pilar (Isabella Ferreira), stepping up in a number of ways.

“This season, Pilar has definitely grown a lot within her confidence and just being who she is,” Isabella told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. On top of being “the shoulder for Victor” to lean on amidst his struggles, Pilar will branch out and form her own “exciting” relationships in Season 2.

“She has friends this season, which is really exciting,” Isabella explained. “[Viewers will] get to meet Raheem [played by Anthony Keyvan] — he’s amazing. He’s like this big ball of energy, who kind of takes Pilar out of her little shell, and [viewers will] also get to see her and Felix’s friendship blossom, which is really fun and really exciting.”

Isabella didn’t say exactly how her relationship with Felix (Anthony Turpel) will “blossom”, but we’re crossing our fingers for something romantic, and yes, we know Lake (Bebe Wood) professed her feelings for Felix at the end of Season 1. A girl can dream, though, no?

Isabella Ferreira
Michael Cimino and Isabella Ferreira in Hulu’s ‘Love, Victor.’ (Hulu)

Anyway, Isabella also told us that Season 2 is “thrilling, funny and just drama-filled”, so no matter what happens, we’re super excited to dive in when Season 2 premieres later this week. And Season 2 will kick off right where Season 1 left off — with Victor’s parents reacting to the news that he’s gay.

When discussing that moment, Isabella told us, “It is pretty difficult for [Victor and Pilar’s] parents. This is news that they’ve never heard about — it’s completely taboo and bizarre. And they’re just really confused, and throughout the season, [viewers] will get to see how they deal with that.”

Want more? Season 2 of Love, Victor will be available for streaming on Friday, June 11 on Hulu.

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