‘Love, Victor’s Isabella Ferreira Teases Pilar’s ‘Angst’ & How Simon Fits Into The World Of The Show

Isabella Ferreira is one of the stars of Hulu's highly-anticipated series 'Love, Victor.' She spoke with HL about Pilar's journey in the first season, how the show compares to the movie, and more.

Isabella Ferreira
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Hulu’s Love, Victor will premiere June 17. The all-new series is set in the same world as the 2018 groundbreaking film Love, Simon, and follows Victor, a new student at Creekwood High School. Isabella Ferreira plays Pilar, Victor’s younger sister, who is feeling tons of teenage angst after her family’s big move.

HollywoodLife talked EXCLUSIVELY with Isabella about Pilar’s journey in the first season. While Pilar is immersed in her own world at the beginning of the season, she slowly but surely opens up more and more as the season goes on. She also discussed how she “clicked” with co-star Michael Cimino from day one. Read our Q&A now.

Isabella Ferreira
Michael Cimino and Isabella Ferreira in Hulu’s ‘Love, Victor.’ (Hulu)

Why were you drawn to the character of Pilar?
Isabella Ferreira: She’s very different from me, so I think that’s the first thing that kind of stood out. For some reason, I always get drawn to characters that are very rebellious, and I wouldn’t consider me rebellious. But I think that’s the main thing that really stood out. I really liked her storyline, and I was completely moved by everything that she stood for. Although she’s definitely going through her phase of like teen angst, she’s got a little heart in there. I think that’s really something that I can connect with when it comes to her.

What’s her relationship like with her brother, Victor?
Isabella Ferreira: It’s a love-hate relationship. They’re brother and sister, so one minute she loves him, one minute she hates him. But I think it’s more that she’s really trying to figure out things on her own.

Is she aware that he’s struggling with his sexuality at all?
Isabella Ferreira: It’s definitely something that she slowly but surely comes to realize. She definitely isn’t aware of other people’s problems. She’s very to herself, and she stays like that through half of the series and then progresses.

When the show starts, Pilar’s family has just moved to a new town. How is Pilar dealing with that move?
Isabella Ferreira: Well, she’s already got a lot of teenage angst, so she doesn’t deal with it super well. She definitely has a little tear in her relationship with her parents because she has to leave her boyfriend. That doesn’t really end well. You’ll see how that progresses throughout the season.

Love, Victor is a spinoff of Love, Simon. What are the similarities and the differences between the movie and the show?
Isabella Ferreira: They’re in the same world. It’s really fun because Victor, throughout the entire series, is messaging with Simon from the movie. You get to see that bond between them. He basically just asks for advice. As the series progresses, we get to see how Victor handles the advice, and if he takes it or not. You just get to see how he discovers himself, and Simon helps him through it all.

Isabella Ferreira
Isabella Ferreira stars as Pilar in Hulu’s ‘Love, Victor.’ (Photographer: Antar Hanif)

How do you feel about Pilar’s evolution over the course of the season?
Isabella Ferreira: I think it’s really nice because, in the beginning, she really doesn’t care for anybody else. She’s very closed off and shy. Towards the end, she kind of grows into herself and into her body. You can see that as you watch the show, and it’s a really beautiful process to see.

What was it like working with Michael Cimino and establishing that brother-sister bond? 
Isabella Ferreira: I think me and Michael clicked from day one. He’s absolutely amazing. He’s an amazing actor. He’s just an amazing guy in general. I was so happy that I was able to be paired with somebody like him because I’ve learned a lot. He’s just great, and it’s really fun on set.

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