‘Love, Victor’s Anthony Turpel On Felix & Lake’s Big Finale Moment, The Pivotal Victor & Felix Scene & More

The first season of 'Love, Victor' featured a number of game-changing moments. HL spoke with Anthony Turpel about Felix and Lake's evolution, that epic spring dance scene, Victor coming out to Felix, and more.

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Felix Westen is truly the best friend that anyone could have. He’s fun, he’s understanding, he’s open… what’s not to love? Felix was the first person Victor met when he moved to Atlanta, and their friendship became one of the focal points of the series. Their friendship culminated in a touching moment where Victor tells Felix that he’s gay.

HollywoodLife talked EXCLUSIVELY with Anthony Turpel about taking on the character of Felix in Love, Victor, which is now streaming on Hulu. He said it was a “real honor” to film Victor’s coming out scene. The actor also discussed Felix and Lake’s relationship over the course of the season, including that scene where Lake finally professing her feelings for Felix to the world. Plus, he revealed what he wants to explore in season 2.

Anthony Turpel Bebe Wood
Anthony Turpel and Bebe Wood as Felix and Lake. (Hulu)

In the finale, Lake finally tells the world that she is in love with Felix. Were you surprised that moment happened when it did? Or were you expecting a slow burn there between the two of them?
Anthony Turpel: I wasn’t too surprised. I think they fit together super well by them being so opposite. Isn’t there like a saying that opposites attract? So I definitely wasn’t surprised, and I thought it was done beautifully.

One major aspect of their relationship was whether or not to go public. Felix wanted their relationship out in the open, and he even broke things off when she refused. Do you think that there’s any hurt left on Felix’s end even after the declaration of love? 
Anthony Turpel: The declaration of love was definitely enough. Felix isn’t really a guy to hold a grudge. Whatever happens, it kind of rolls off his back. I think it definitely hurt in the moment. Getting told that someone doesn’t want other people to know that you guys are together is an awful thing to hear, but I think Felix looks beyond that, and now he got what he wanted.

I appreciated that he stood up for himself with Lake.
Anthony Turpel: That’s a lot of growth with Felix. He was a guy that was able to get pushed around, and the further the series went on, the more he stood up for himself.

What do you think makes them Felix and Lake a great couple?
Anthony Turpel: I think in their own way they’re both eccentric. In very different ways, but they both are. It’s just this connection, and it was Felix’s willingness to just keep on trying to be with her. He really, really cared about Lake, even when Lake didn’t care about him. Lake loves attention, and Felix just gives everything to her.

One of the best Felix and Lake moments was when he takes her to his apartment. He talks about his mom and her struggle with depression. Is his relationship with his mom something you would want to explore more of in a potential season 2?
Anthony Turpel: Definitely. I think there’s a lot to unpack there. I don’t know the route that will take, but no matter what it is, I know it’d be great. I’m super excited to see where that’s going to go.

I think the most pivotal scene of the season is when Victor comes out to Felix. It’s the first time that Victor really says it out loud. What was it like filming that scene with Michael Cimino? 
Anthony Turpel: Michael and I really felt it. It was a really important scene for the whole series. The way Felix handled it was the most Felix way to go. No matter what, I don’t think anyone doubts that Felix is going to accept Victor for who he is. He loves him as a person. He is incredibly progressive and loving. It was so much fun to film, and Michael did such a fantastic job. It was a real honor to work beside him on that thing. It shows how important Felix became Victor. When you see in episode 1, where he’s yelling at him at the stairs, and then you flip to that moment, there’s just so much growth with that friendship has happened. For Victor to be able to come out to Felix, especially being the first one, it was just such a good moment.

Anthony Turpel Michael Cimino
Anthony Turpel and Michael Cimino as Felix and Victor. (Hulu)

One thing I noticed while watching was the connection between Felix and Pilar. Was there ever a moment where you thought this would segue into a romance?
Anthony Turpel: It was in the back of my mind because there is a chemistry there, and they could relate to each other on a lot of things. They obviously enjoy each other’s company. I thought maybe it could happen, but then also the connection between Lake and Felix is also really good. I thought to myself, whatever direction they [the writers] took with it, I thought it would be a good direction. I’m really happy with everything they’ve done.

The ending left a lot of complications for the characters. Victor and Benjie finally admitted their feelings for each other, and then Mia saw then kissing. How do you think Felix will navigate this? Because Felix and Mia are friends, Felix and Laker together, Lake and Mia are best friends… it’s a little messy. 
Anthony Turpel: It’s a very sticky situation. I think Felix will always be loyal to Victor in every way. For someone who really didn’t have anyone, Victor accepted him into his life and family. I think Felix really took that to heart. No matter what, I think Felix will always be loyal to Victor.

In The Breakfast Club episode, we saw the beginnings of what could be a surprising friendship between Andrew and Felix. I definitely want to see where that goes. I feel like there’s a side of Andrew we haven’t really seen.
Anthony Turpel: I completely agree. It is such an unlikely friendship. I think the commonality of that episode of Felix expressing himself to Andrew for the first time, and Andrew actually starting to take notice of his own flaws was really powerful. I think in season 2 there’s definitely a friendship that can form there.