Supermodel Sanne Vloet’s 20-Minute Core Strengthening Pilates Workout Will Get You Bikini Ready

Masks off, bikinis on! Dutch supermodel Sanne Vloet shared her quick & effective 20-minute pilates workout that will have you ready to hit the beach this summer!

If you’re looking for some workouts to get you ready for #HotGirlSummer, look no further than supermodel and entrepreneur Sanne Vloet‘s pilates burnout! Pilates workouts have recently been going viral on TikTok, with creators promoting the exercise as sustainable, strengthening and lengthening and great for achieving weight loss. “Pilates is a great way to exercise safely! It strengthens and lengthens the muscles at the same time without bulking up,” Sanne explained in an EXCLUSIVE interview with “Pilates is really focused on core work, the stabilizer of your whole body. It also helps to maintain good posture and body awareness.”

On the HollywoodLife Instagram, Sanne gave fans a step-by-step, 20 minute pilates workout that will help you elongate your body, strengthen your core and burn fat!

Plank Series

Stand at the back of your mat, feet hip with apart and slight bend in the knees. Reach your arms up to the sky and pull your abdominals in. Bend over and, like you are rolling over an imaginary ball, and come into a plank position. Lengthen through the spine, shoulders wide and squeeze the glutes and abdominals in. Hold here for 10 seconds. Use your core to stabilize. Lift your right leg a couple inches of the ground and squeeze the glute and lower down. Continue the slow leg lifts 10 times on one leg and then switch to the other side.

Come into a child pose and take a deep stretch. Then, come onto all fours on the hands and knees and do a of couple cat cow stretches to warm up the neck, back and shoulders. Loosen up your body.

Booty Series (x2 times on the right & left)

1. On all fours stretch the right leg out and lift the leg up, squeeze the butt and lower down. Repeat the leg lift 10 times. Lengthen through the spine and the leg. We are lengthening and strengthen the leg muscles.

2. Up and over. Reach the right leg out on a diagonal and lift it over rainbow motion, tapping the ground on an inner diagonal. Reach back over and tap. As your leg is up in the sky, you activate your outer glute. Repeat 10 times.

3. Diagonal leg lift. Point the leg on an outside diagonal and lift the leg up about hip height and lower back to the ground. Repeat 10 times. Because we are working on a diagonal, we are working all the small muscles.

4. Leg reach. Bring your left elbow to the ground. Lift right leg on a diagonal, bend the knee towards your elbow and stretch back out about hip height on a diagonal.

5. Donkey kick. Come to all fours and bend the knee at a 90 degrees angle and kick up in a donkey kick. Everything time, squeeze your glute. Repeat 10 times. Keep the motion slow and controlled.

6. Leg pulses. Keep the leg up in a 90 degrees angle and pulse the leg a couple inches higher to really activate that butt!

Final Ab Crushers

1. Lay down on the floor, arms reach to the sky and bring legs in table top position. Take a deep inhale and roll your head neck and shoulders off the ground, arms in a hover position. Extend the legs in a 45 degrees angle or keep them bent. On a deep inhale, you pumping the arms up and down for 5 seconds, exhale for 5 seconds. Do 100 in total.

2. Knees are bent, feet are flat on the ground. Right arm is behind your neck for support and your left arm is stretched long. Inhale to prepare and on the exhale, crunch your upper body up and reach your left arm to your right knee 10 times. Switch to the opposite side for 10 more reps.

3. Lay on your back and have your arms long next to your body with your chest open and hands pressed into the ground. Bring legs in a table top position and pull the abdominals in and stretch your legs out in a 45 degrees angle. Working those lower abdominals here!

4. Finish with a 30 second plank.

Following your intense workout, Sanne has some advice on how to maintain your health and fitness as we enter into the summer months. “I think finding balance is key! This applies to not only nutrition and physical activity but also your overall mental state. Health is something we need to prioritize and should not take for granted,” she explained. “My advice is to cook homemade meals with fresh ingredients. You become more aware of what you put in your body when you cook yourself. For fitness, I suggest finding something you enjoy doing. This could be running outside, doing yoga or weightlifting. If you enjoy the activity, you are more likely to be consistent.”

She continued, “Something that has helped me in the past is planning out your health & fitness schedule. Set aside time at the beginning of each week to plan out your meals, groceries and workouts, and meditation.”

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