Gabrielle Union’s Trainer Massy Arias Shares Full-Body HIIT Workout With No Equipment Needed

Summer is just around the corner & we're ready to get in tip top shape with renowned celeb trainer Massy Arias! Ready to be a warrior?! Follow her HIIT workout!

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Massy Arias
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Image Credit: Almond Board Of California

If you look through trainer Massy Arias‘ social media, you see the incredible full body transformations her clients have seen by following her 60 Day program. The “versatile and easy to follow” fitness and nutrition program teaches you “what foods to eat, portion control, and timing of your meals to achieve your fitness goal,” Massy explained in an EXCLUSIVE interview with The beloved celebrity trainer has worked with Gabrielle Union, Chris Hemsworth and many more big name stars who swear by her fat-burning, full-body toning workouts and food advice.

When it comes to achieving the stellar abs that her clients, like Mrs. Union, have, Massy revealed that “consistency is key.” “It’s important to match your consistent work with a sustainable program and a balanced nutrition,” she explained. “For example, I may recommend an almond milk protein shake in the mornings before a workout, the goal is to inspire habits that work for you as an individual. You’ll also learn how to train effectively so that you never plateau.”

(Courtesy of Almond Board Of California)

Then, when it comes to maintenance, after you’ve adopted the ‘Warrior’ mentality, Massy said that comes “by finding peace within yourself, mentally physically and emotionally.” “Building the right habits, like daily movement and snacking smartly. The best you needs the best fuel, so lean into the habits that help you feel your best,” she explained.

Massy shared her go-to HIIT workout with no equipment that you can find below!

Squat with Standing Rotation

Standing shoulder width apart, you’ll take a deep inhale and down. Exhale and stand up. Twist to one side of your body (rotating at the hips) and reach arm above head. Squat down and repeat on the other side of the body.

High Plank

Start in a high plank position with arms, shoulder width apart. Make a straight line from shoulder to wrist while tucking your hips under to engage the core. Squeezing thighs together, you will keep your arms straight while pushing away from the floor with heels of the palms. Maintain this position for the duration of the exercise.

Lateral Toe Touch

Start in a standing straddle position. Reach your right arm towards your left toe as you bend your left knee, shifting your weight towards your left hip and keeping your right leg straight. Repeat with opposite side and alternate for the duration of the exercise.

Bicycle Crunches

Start with your back against a mat and hands behind your head. Start reaching your right elbow to your left knee. Always keep your left elbow and right leg on the floor. Alternate sides of the body. Use the elbow that remains on the floor to help lift your upper back completely while performing the bicycle crunches.

Hip Bridge

Start with knees bent and back on the floor. Curl your hips under while tucking rib cage down and raise your hips to the ceiling to find your glutes. Inhale and bring hips down. Repeat for the duration of the exercise.

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