Britney Spears Slays In Sexy Jumpsuit & Rocks Pink Hair After Bizarre Post About ‘Cheating’

Britney Spears is trading in her floral crop tops for a super sexy new look -- and hairstyle! -- in her latest series of Instagram photos!

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In a new Instagram post on May 10, Britney Spears looks incredible while wearing a leopard print bodysuit. The skintight jumpsuit, which features long sleeves, looks incredible on the singer, who strikes a number of poses to show off every inch of the look. Brit also has a new hairstyle in the pics, with her hair a mix of blonde and light pink hues. “Miss pussycat loves to bite,” she suggestively captioned the pics. “Be careful ladies and gentlemen.”

In addition to the series of photos, Britney also posted a video of herself showing off her signature dance moves in the catsuit. “She wants to move,” she captioned the video, along with several dancing lady emojis. Britney spends a minute and a half twirling around and dancing for the video, which is something that fans have grown used to seeing her do on Instagram. However, this look is even more fierce than the crop tops and short shorts that we’re used to seeing her wear!

Those outfits aren’t gone forever, though. Just hours before posting the jumpsuit footage, Britney shared a typical photo of herself in a colorful pink crop top, with her blonde hair pulled back into a messy hairstyle. However, it was the questionable caption that had fans really talking when it came to this photo. In the lengthy message, Britney wrote about how much she loves her….pillow.

“I can’t translate enough times where the object of my affection became my pillow,” Britney gushed. “My beautiful fluffy white pillow is a godsend to me in every which way and form. But recently I decided to cheat on my pillow…I shopped online for a newer, better pillow. But it came the other day and IT’S HORRIBLE!!!! I hate it. So tonight when I go to bed, we meet again my beautiful lover pillow. He knows how to hold me. He doesn’t talk back and he makes me feel like I’m on a cloud. I’m sorry I cheated on you pillow, you’re the only one for me…and even though the other was way, way bigger, I still choose you. Can I lay my heart on you now?????” At the end, she thew in a “just kidding” to her boyfriend, Sam Asghari, as well.

Fans were super confused about whether or not there was a deeper meaning or message behind the caption. Of course, this isn’t the first time that Britney has left her followers questioning her Instagram posts. In fact, there’s even been speculation that the singer doesn’t even write her own captions. However, in April, Britney insisted to TMZ that she “writes [her] own posts.”

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