Floyd Mayweather Charges At Jake Paul After YouTube Star Snatches His Hat: ‘I’ll Kill You’ — Watch

'Got your hat!,' Jake Paul gleefully exclaimed as he stole Floyd Mayweather's hat at a press conference. The resulting fight allegedly left Jake with a 'clean shot' on his eye (not from Floyd, though).

Floyd Mayweather may be facing off against Logan Paul on June 6, but the undefeated boxer almost brawled with a different Paul: Logan’s brother Jake. The showdown happened at a press conference for Floyd and Logan’s upcoming exhibition match at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Florida on May 6. While Floyd and Logan had a witty battle of words on a stage at the event, the mood wasn’t so playful when Floyd and Jake got in one another’s faces off-stage.

The catalyst? Jake stole Floyd’s hat. “Let’s make it happen, yes sir, don’t be calling Al Haymon [Floyd’s advisor], let’s make it happen, for one night,” Jake told Floyd in the video above, seemingly in an attempt to badger the boxer into doing their own fight (Jake is now a professional boxer too, like his brother). Then, Jake swiped the hat right off Floyd’s head and yelled, “Got your hat!”

As expected, that didn’t end well. Floyd instantly charged for Jake — making the surrounding crowd let out a collective “ooooooo” — while Jake ran away, hat in hand. Meanwhile, farther back in the crowd, Logan appeared to be going after Floyd and his brother (but was held back by the people surrounding him).

Meanwhile, Jake treated this like a game of cat and mouse as he happily called out, “Let’s go baby! Got your hat! Got your hat!” Floyd didn’t think this was as funny. “Don’t you ever disrespect me like that…Don’t play with me, I ain’t never did nothing to you…don’t disrespect me,” he told Jake, before going after him again.

The video later cut to Floyd walking with his entourage after breaking away from Jake. “Going to kill that mother f*****, I’m going to catch you mother f*****….You crazy?…I’m going to f*** you up,” Floyd — who retired from professional boxing in 2017 with a legendary undefeated record of 50-0 — told the people around him.

Jake didn’t seem too fazed by the whole ordeal. In fact, he planned this hat-stealing scheme all along. “About to steal Floyd Mayweather’s hat…I’ll let you guys know how it goes,” he said in a TikTok, and after doing so, the Disney Channel alum said in the same video, “It went good.” Even if it allegedly caused him some bodily harm (not from Floyd, though).

“1 of Floyd’s 30 bodyguards got a clean shot on me in the eye,” Jake claimed in a tweet after the press conference. However, like we said, Jake doesn’t seem too upset — in fact, he has already started selling “gotcha hat” hats on his online merch store.

The mood was much more lighthearted when Floyd and Logan duked it out with words — not their arms yet — earlier during the press conference. “I know what you did in Japan…I knew what he did to Japan, so guess what, you have to pay what you did to Japan,” Floyd told Logan on the stage, a jab at Logan’s 2017 scandal: he posted a video of a dead body that he and his friends found in Japan’s Aokigahara forest.

Logan made his boxing debut against fellow YouTube star KSI in 2018. Meanwhile, his brother Jake currently holds an undefeated streak (3-0) after his recent win against retired MMA fighter Ben Askren in April. Floyd’s fight with Logan marks his first since his exhibition match against Tenshin Nasukawa on New Year’s Eve in 2018 in Japan (which he won).

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