‘My 600-lb Life’ Preview: Tiffany Is ‘Disappointed’ She’s Still Over 400 Pounds — Watch

Tiffany is bummed when she's only lost 2 pounds and can't get removal surgery in this EXCLUSIVE 'My 600-lb. Life: Where Are They Now' preview. Dr. Now scolds her for not losing enough weight.

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Tiffany has to step on the scales again in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the May 5 episode of My 600-lb. Life: Where Are They Now? preview. “I was 408 at the last appointment,” Tiffany admits. “Dr. Now told me I need to get under 350 to get any sort of removal surgeries, and I’ve been really hoping to get my first one soon. But I’m not sure I’ve made the progress I need to get approved for that today.”

When Tiffany weighs in, she is 406.2 pounds. She’s only down 2 pounds from her last appointment. “I’m a little disappointed at that result, but it was what I was expecting,” Tiffany says. She doesn’t think it’ll be enough for Dr. Now to approve her for surgery.

My 600lb Life
Tiffany waits to talk to Dr. Now after her weigh-in. (TLC)

She hopes Dr. Now will make an “exception” for her leg because of the lymphedema there and excess skin. She feels like the skin is starting to hang lower. But she knows Dr. Now is going to tell her she’s not “working hard enough,” and she’s really “disappointed” about that.

Dr. Now asks Tiffany what’s going on with her because she hasn’t lost that much weight in the last 3 months. “I’ve just been in-between places so I haven’t really been able to do a lot other than pack and move things around,” Tiffany explains. Since all of her stuff has been packed up, she hasn’t been able to cook. Tiffany promises that once she gets settled, she’ll be able to make progress.

Dr. Now
Dr. Now in the May 5 episode. (TLC)

Dr. Now chastises Tiffany and explains why she’s not losing weight. “This is basic math and you measure it. At your weight, if you don’t lose anything, then you’re eating too much. No matter what it is,” Dr. Now says. “Whatever you’re eating, you should eat half of it.” My 600-lb. Life: Where Are They Now? airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on TLC.