KarJenner ‘Triplets’ Stormi, True & Chicago, 3, Look Adorable In Colorful Dresses

Though Stormi Webster, True Thompson, and Chicago West all came from different moms, the photos Kim Kardashian shared of these cute girls made them look like ‘triplets!’

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At this point, True Thompson, 3, Chicago West, 3, and Stormi Webster, 3, are practically sisters, right? Kim Kardashian certainly thought so when she posted three pictures of this tremendous trio to Instagram on Monday (Apr.19). “Triplets!” wrote Kim, and it’s easy to see how one could think that these precious girls all came from the same parents. Kim, Khloe Kardashian, and Kylie Jenner’s girls all wore colorful dresses for the photos, with Stormi in springtime green, True in pink/yellow/purple, and Chicago in a feathered number.

In the first picture, Stormi seems busy with the container of candy in her hands. Even at three years old, the girl has her mind on getting that money – or, in this case, sugary snacks. In the second photo, Stormi is jumping for joy, with candy scattered all around her. In the third photo, all three girls are busy “cleaning” the floor – aka picking up the candy and gobbling it down, from the looks of it. If this is the kind of trouble that these girls are getting in at age 3, imagine what they’ll be like when they’re teenagers? The world is not ready.

It’s amazing to think of how these three girls were born within months of each other in 2018: Chicago on Jan. 15, Stormi on Feb. 1, and True on Apr. 12. Recently, Stormi joined her “sister” to help celebrate True’s third birthday, and it was a pastel princess celebration. Tristan Thompson’s daughter had a party at her mom’s home, and it was the Disney Princess party to end all parties. Khloe transformed her house into a balloon-filled wonderland and featured actors portraying Princess Anna and Elsa from Frozen and Princess Tiana from The Princess & The Frog. Stormi was on-hand to celebrate True’s big day, but judging by what Khloe said (“Cousins only, but we had to celebrate”), Chicago was likely also there to help blow out the candles on True’s cake.

Chicago West, Stormi Webster, and True Thompson were born within three months of each other in 2018 and have grown up to be close as ‘sisters’ (BACKGRID)

At the start of April, True and Stormi showed off their bond, courtesy of Kylie’s Instagram. The two toddlers celebrated Easter weekend with their family in Palm Springs. In the clip that Kylie posted, the two girls walked hand-in-hand during a casual stroll. Both wore colorful dresses, which only made the sight of them even cuter. “These two,” wrote Kylie, completely enamored by how she and Khloe’s daughters were BFFs.

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