Anchor Brooke Baldwin Tears Up As She ‘Walks Away From CNN’ & Fans Send Love — Watch

Anchor Brooke Baldwin said her emotional farewell to CNN, getting misty on air while describing her job as having been a 'profound privilege.'

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CNN Anchor Brooke Baldwin stunned viewers when she announced on Feb. 16, 2021 that she would be leaving her daytime show and the network altogether in April, with no firm job that she would be jumping to. The 41-year-old appeared on her final telecast on Apr. 16, and got emotional as she said a teary farewell to her TV news home for over a decade, and the colleagues and viewers she is leaving behind.

“This job using my voice for over a decade has been nothing short of a profound privilege,” Brooke said before having to stop and compose herself, taking a deep breath as she was on the verge of tears. “So for you at home, thank you. Thank you for trusting me, thank you for holding me accountable, and thank you for all of the love,” assuring viewers she was reading “every single one of your DM’s.”

“Thank you for believing in me in my big backflip off the high dive today,” Brooke continued, noting her jump into the unknown as to where her career will take her next. Brooke recalled how over 10 ago she never knew the daytime show she was filling in for as host “would become mine. And now a decade later I find myself in a similar situation, not totally knowing what’s next. And I’m okay with that. Because what I do now is I’m a journalist and a storyteller for life.”

Brooke received so much love praise from her CNN colleagues. Nightside host and Brooke’s New Year’s Eve coverage drinking companion Don Lemon tweeted, “I have been friends with @BrookeBaldwin for more than a decade, so her departure from @CNN is bitter-sweet for me. From our lively New Years’ Eve parties to our fun dinner dates, it’s been a blast! Wishing you all the best from here. NYE won’t ever be the same.”

Fellow daytime anchor Jake Tapper shared a photo of the pair on set with his tweet, “Been covering the news for a long time alongside the amazing @BrookeBaldwin. Will miss her dearly. Can’t wait to see what she does next! Talk soon, BB.”

CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer tweeted, “My good friend and colleague @BrookeBaldwin is wrapping up her wonderful years at @CNN today. We will miss her but we wish her only the very best as she embarks on her next adventure. And congrats to her for her timely new book ‘Huddle: How Women Unlock Their Collective Power.’”

Brooke is already on her way with a new career as an author thanks to the book that Wolf mentioned. Fans also weighed in on her last day, saying how empty that hour of CNN will feel without her voice and presence.

While Brooke’s fans will miss her on the small screen, they can still hear her “voice “with her new book HUDDLE: How Women Unlock their Collective Power, which has become a National Bestseller. Stacey Abrams — who was key in helping swing the state of Georgia Democrat blue in the 2020 elections via voter registration efforts — wrote in a thrilled Apr. 9 tweet, “Just got my copy of #Huddle by the indomitable @BrookeBaldwin. Excited to read – honored to be included in its pages.”