Singer Jax Delivers An Anthem For All The ‘90s Kids’: ‘Put On Your Docs & Rock Out’

It’s time to party like it’s 1996 because Jax – the viral singer-songwriter behind ‘Ring Pop’ – salutes all the ’90s Kids’ with her new banger.

Jerry Maguire. “Wannabe” by the Spice Girls. Dolly the cloned sheep. Tickle Me Elmo. These are just some of the things turning 25 in 2021, and while Gen Z is already moving on to the trends of early Aughts, singer-songwriter Jax is making sure that every “90s Kids” get their moment with her new track. On the latest from Atlantic Records’ new signee, Jax acknowledges all those born or grown up in the nineties who are no longer young but not yet old. It’s our generation / We need conversation / In a nation / With no communication / A little easy baked and / We’re kind of lost—yeah / But we’re on a break, man–Rachel and Ross said,” she sings against a twinkling piano and clapping beat.

When the chorus kicks in – “Bottoms up / Here’s to us / Tell em that we do it for the 90s Kids” – the track turns into a dedication to everyone who remembers when the Chicago Bulls were good, burned CDs, and called in to Total Request Live. The track also features a sample from The Sandlot, a line that Jax tells HollywoodLife holds a special place in her heart.

(Braverijah Gregg)

“‘YOU’RE KILLING ME SMALLS!’ I’ve been saying this line for like 15 years, since the first of a thousand times I watched Sandlot. Fast forward to today, and I use it in ‘90s Kids,’ a song about my childhood,” Jax tells HollywoodLife. “And it gets even better – Patrick Renna, the actor who played Ham Porter and yelled this iconic line in the movie, is doing a friggin’ cameo in the music video. INSANE! I hope all my fellow 90s babies put on their Docs and rock out to this record.”

(Braverijah Gregg)

“90s Kids” marks Jax’s second single of the year. Earlier in 2021, she dropped “Ring Pop,” a sweet ode to being broke and in love. Written for her boyfriend, “when money got tight this year,” the song celebrates appreciating what you have in life, even when it’s not a lot. “I know we’re supposed to want way more / we may never leave The Valley / but we got everything need at the corner store,” she sings, making it a song perfect for ramen and a 40 or caviar and champagne.


Stacy’s Mom from Stacy’s Mom’s Perspective 🙄🙄🙄. #fypシ #foryou #viral #fyp #songs

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Jax’s charms extend far beyond her music. During the pandemic months, the East Brunswick native has found a following on TikTok, thanks to her expert blend of music, comedy, and Jersey (the accent really comes out on “Drivers License from the Dude Behind Her Perspective.”) It’s the same kind of wit that would make Chandler Bing envious  – and if that made sense to you, you’re a “90s Kid.”

Jax’s “90s Kids” is out now.

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