Celeb Stylist Michael Dueñas’ Tips For The Perfect Messy Bun: Exact Steps To Get The Cute Look For Spring

Sometimes the perfect messy bun look takes work! Celeb stylist Michael Dueñas gave us a step by step tutorial on achieving the edgiest messy bun for spring!

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Image Credit: Michael Duenas

A messy bun is an easy go-to for ladies with long hair who want to look like they did “something” to their hair, in the most minimal way. Now, we aren’t talking about tossing your hair up before a work out! The cute messy bun we’re all aiming for gives off the effortless cool girl vibe that you can take on a date night, brunch with friends or even just out and about for the day! Aloxxi celebrity stylist Michael Dueñas gave HL readers a step-by-step tutorial to create a quick and easy messy bun look all on your own!

“You essentially only have to heat style 1/4 of all your hair, so it is a time saver, plus no styling in the back!” Michael said of the style. “I love the soft subtle movement of the hair. It looks like it is physically moving even when it is sitting static, soft volume, waves and subtle bend is my dream hair.”

To make the look as “messy” yet effortless looking as possible, Michael recommends “pulling more pieces down from the top, twist your bun and pin the pieces up messy, and give it some flyaways!” He added, “Little changes go far!”

Part Your Hair & Separate It Into Sections

Decide what side you want your parting on and make a deep side parting. Work with an off-center triangular section on top of the head. Take a deep triangle section from the recession all the way to just about top of the crown (recession is the area in the corners of your hairline at your forehead that com one slightly, right above your temples). Clip this section up and out of the way. Section from your parietal ridge (rounds of the head) to just behind your ears right where your mastoid is (bone that sticks out behind your ears) (rounds of the head are where your head curves from the top to the sides). Do the same on the opposite side and clip this hair out of the way.

Pull Back The Bottom Section Into A Sleek Ponytail

Use Aloxxi Styling Cream to control texture and frizz in the remaining section. Use a Mason Pearson or Mason Pearson-like brush and bring all your hair into a center ponytail at your occipital bone (bone that sticks out in the back of your head).

Style The Sections Surrounding Your Hairline

Manipulate the front hairline with your iron into a textured wave, spray it with Aloxxi Working Spray to lock the texture in. Take the small sections from the front and incorporate them into your ponytail.

Curl Your Sleek Ponytail

Use a 3/4 inch curling iron and take large sections in the ponytail to add some wave, wrap the hair around the iron and curl different directions to make a clean texture and let it cool.

Style The Section Clipped On Top Of Your Head

Work on the opposite side of your head that you want your hair to fall too. Create an S shape wave with your flat iron and then mix in different waves with your flat iron and curling iron. Once you have the texture in the front let it cool.

Build Your Bun

Now, twist sections of your ponytail and wrap them into a messy bun, secure with hairpins and elastics. Flip the hair you waved on top to the side you want it to lay on. Spray it with Aloxxi Bombshell to build in volume and texture. Sweep the front pieces of hair back to your bun in the back and wrap the ends around and pin them in, incorporating them into the look. Pull out pieces on top for a soft movable feeling.