YouTuber Spill Sesh Admits Her Viral Video On Olivia Jade Acting ’Rich’ Came From ’Shock’ Over Scandal

Spill Sesh said the college admissions scandal that revealed Olivia Jade 'cheated her way' into USC felt like 'a slap in the face' and inspired her to showcase her privilege in a video that now has over 3 million views.

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YouTuber Spill Sesh broke her way into the commentary scene on the popular video platform when she made a video that highlighted how “superrich” influencer Olivia Jade, 21, is and now she’s letting people know why she decided to make it. Her idea for the video came about after she found out about the college admissions scandal that the daughter of Lori Loughlin was involved in. The six minute clip called “Olivia Jade Being Rich For 6 minutes Straight”, which was published on Mar. 5, 2019, featured a compilation of moments from Olivia’s own YouTube videos that Spill felt showcased her privilege, and it went viral soon after it was published, hitting over a whopping three million views.

Almost two years after premiering the video, which can be seen below, Spill is giving her followers an inside look into how she first got involved with YouTube, how she came up with the concept for the Olivia video, and why she felt it was important, in a new essay she wrote for Vulture.

“At first, I got around 1,000 views a video, which made me think I could potentially do this as a job,” she wrote about when she first started making commentary videos on YouTube. “But I think when I really started to see the subscribers roll in was when I was talking about Olivia Jade, Lori Loughlin’s daughter, and the college-admissions scandal. I loved Olivia Jade’s content, and I really wanted to go to USC, so I was completely shocked that she cheated her way in.”

“I made a compilation video, after the fact, of all the times where Jade was acting superrich,” she continued. “And, of course, that became my most-liked video of all time. That whole situation really blew up my channel.”

Spill went on to explain that she thinks her shock and devastation about the scandal was shared by many of Olivia’s followers, which is most likely why her video got a lot of attention. “I think everyone was just frustrated by her,” she added. “It would’ve been my dream to go to that school. I didn’t get in, and to see her say things like she’s only on campus for the parties was just a slap in the face for a lot of people. I felt really passionate about it — which, again, is a bummer, because I thought her content was really great.”

Despite the disappointment Spill felt, she recognizes how “exciting” it was for her video to go viral, which is now helping her expand on YouTube. “Personally, though, that video was really exciting,” she admitted. “All of a sudden, I had this audience, and I started making videos constantly. Before, I wasn’t on a strict schedule, but afterward I was like, I need to have a new video out every week.”

Olivia Jade
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Spill’s viral video came in the midst of the college admissions scandal that involved Lori and Olivia’s father, Mossimo Giannulli. The scandal was made public in Mar. 2019 and led to Lori and Mossimo pleading guilty to paying $500,000 in bribes to get Olivia and her sister Isabella, 22, admitted to USC as crew team recruits even though neither ever played the sport. Lori was sentenced to two months in prison, required to pay a $150,000 fine and required to complete 100 hours of community service during her two-year parole. Mossimo was sentenced to five months in prison, required to pay a $250,000 fine, and required to complete 200 hours of community service during his two-year parole.