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Meghan McCain Urging Republicans To Remove Marjorie Taylor-Green From Congress — Watch

Meghan McCain went from blaming the media to blaming Republicans for QAnon Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene pushing her conspiracy theories and possibly tainting the GOP.

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Meghan McCain and Majorie Taylor Greene
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QAnon believing U.S. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) was the hot topic out of the gate on The View on Mon. Feb. 1. From believing that space lasers funded by Jewish bankers caused California wildfires, to other extremist opinions like the Sandy Hook and Parkland, FL school shootings never happened and involved “crisis actors,” panelist Meghan McCain initially blamed the media for her constant coverage. McCain claimed that by turning Greene into the voice of the GOP, it’s making more traditional members similar to her late dad John McCain “go into their corners.” The 36-year-old then said that the party should strip Greene of her committee appointments.

“The more that the mainstream media continues to come out and say that all Republicans are crazy people and birthers and we believe in space lasers, then the more it makes traditional Republicans — and there’s still a lot of them in the country — go back into their corners. This is becoming very tribal and I would argue that this is how we got (Donald) Trump in the first place is that there’s just no nuance in it, McCain explained.

Meghan said she spoke with friends over the weekend who are still devout Trump supporters, and that even those pals “think she’s crazy,” referring to Marjorie. The mother of one said that she didn’t want to be lumped in as the same Republican party that Marjorie is part of. “What’s the point of even trying to have an argument if we’re all Marjorie Taylor Greene?” McCain asked. “That’s the danger. Look. You guys know me. I know you. I’m not like Marjorie Taylor Greene. I’m a Republican. I don’t believe in birtherism. I don’t believe in the Confederate flag, but it doesn’t matter because as long as it’s only Marjorie Taylor Greene, people like me don’t matter anymore.”

“In fairness, Greene is giving the media and the public the wrong thing at the wrong moment and is giving people on a silver platter this insanity,” Meghan continued. “I’m trying to defend the fact this woman isn’t like the rest of us, and she’s like (former R-IA Rep.) Steve King, and loud and embarrassing and not effective. She’s sort of loud and embarrassing and not effective,” McCain said. “I do think she should be removed from any and all appointments she had, especially education.”

Meghan McCain says the media is to blame for making QAnon conspiracy believing Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene become more of a face of today’s Republican party over traditional GOP members. She also thinks Greene should be removed from Congressional appointments. Photo credit: AP.

Fellow panelist Sunny Hostin said that the current old guard Republicans aren’t coming out against Greene because they’re now the “minority” in the GOP. “I believe the reason that they are not coming out against this ‘faction’ is because they are in the minority. The conservatives. The old Republicans that we knew of. The John McCains. They’re in the minority now. The Liz Cheneys, they’re in the minority now. The Kevin McCarthys, they’re in the minority and they know the voters do support QAnon, the voters do support these conspiracy theories. They know the voters do support Trump.”

Sunny then remind Meghan that Marjorie ascended to victory and power with the support of top Congressional Republicans. “She has a lot of support within the Republican Party, and, in fact, (House Minority Leader) Kevin McCarthy appointed her to the Education committee,” said Hostin. “I mean, these are facts. Kevin McCarthy was just with Trump. Instead of reprimanding Marjorie Greene or taking her off committees, he was visiting Trump in Mar-a-Lago, and so there’s just no question that — this is the Republican Party, and Marjorie Greene is right in the center of it. She is the face of the Republican Party.” Trump may no longer be president, but Marjorie is now going to be giving The View panelists plenty to talk about.