Bob Harper Gives His Tips To Motivate You To Workout At Home With The App He Loves

Sometimes even the motivator needs motivating! Bob Harper spoke to HL about how he gets inspired to workout at home with NEOU!

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Biggest Loser host and health expert Bob Harper never worked out from home before the pandemic. “I need that stimulation, I like to go to the gym, I wanted to see what people were doing to be able to push myself,” he explained on the HollywoodLife podcast. “I’m having to find that within myself now, as everyone is doing. And let me tell you, that’s hard.” To help get motivated, Bob found inspiration with the fitness app NEOU, which he is now helping promote with his very own Weight Loss Starter Pack. LISTEN TO THE FULL HOLLYWOODLIFE EPISODE BELOW:


Bob hand-picked classes to help people who are new to fitness and NEOU, and are looking to lose weight in the new year, discover the best workouts to achieve their goals. “We’ve been spending so much time at home, and there’s only so many TV shows you can watch, games you can play and books you can read. I just get to the point in the day when I’m like, ‘What else am I gonna do?’ It’s five o’clock, let me just let me just force myself to work out because I know, I’m gonna feel better afterwards,” Bob said of motivating himself to get moving. “Sometimes the motivator needs motivating.”

Bob added that when working out, his goal is to put a smile on his face. “I know that sounds so Miss America and cliche, but like everyone who is reading this right now, I encourage you, whatever it is that you’re doing for your workout, find a way to just put an actual, real smile on your face,” he advised. “I promise you it’s going to make you feel better.”

Bob Harper attends the NBC New York Press Junket at the Four Season Hotel in New York, NY, January 23, 2020. (AP)

Obviously, nutrition is also a major part of health, wellness and weight loss, and Bob revealed he’s working with NEOU to bring that aspect to the app. In the meantime, the heart attack survivor has been sharing his go-to healthy recipes on his Instagram. “If you don’t have your nutrition in check, then you’re gonna basically be taken one step forward two steps back,” he warned. “I cook all the time and I made this I call it a skillet vegetable soup, and people ate it up!”

“I want things to be flavorful and I want to eat larger amounts and not worry about the calories and I think soup is a really great way to do that and you can get so many nutritional benefits from that because of all the vegetables that you can just throw in there,” Bob explained. “Nutrition is so important and people I know know that but it bears repeating every single time I talk about fitness, you’ve got to get your nutrition in check.”

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