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Tiffany Trump Gets Dragged After Wishing Brother Eric HBD As MAGA Rioters Storm Capitol: ‘Read The Room’

Tiffany Trump's tone-deaf post for her older brother Eric's 37th birthday wasn't well received on social media, with some suggesting she call him instead.

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Tiffany Trump, 27, took to social media to wish her brother Eric Trump a happy 37th birthday. The Georgetown University graduate shared a multi-photo post of the pair over the years, including one of them embracing and smiling in front of the Washington Monument in Washington, D.C. “Happy Birthday @erictrump I love you and I’m so grateful to always have you by my side!” she captioned the photo. She also included a throwback childhood photo and a family photo from what appears to be a birthday for brother Donald Jr., 43.

Tiffany immediately received backlash for the message as it was posted amidst hundreds of Donald Trump‘s supporters violently protesting at the U.S. Congress building. Rioters broke through barricades and windows of the building, forcing the Senate to evacuate and Vice President Mike Pence to be taken to a safe location. One woman was shot and sadly lost her life amidst the chaos which forced the capital into a 12-hour curfew. At one point, news coverage captured police officers drawing guns. The President’s Twitter account has also been suspended by the social media platform after he dubbed the protesters “special.”

Twitter quickly responded back to Tiffany’s post, which was shared to both Twitter and Instagram. “On a day like today, you could have just called him. Do you not have his number?” one user asked, reminiscent of a recent Saturday Night Live sketch where Chloe Fineman‘s Tiffany apparently hadn’t properly met either of her older half-brothers. “read the room tiffany,” several users tweeted back at her, while others suggested that perhaps her tone-deaf post as “a scheduled tweet.”

Others also questioned if she was aware of the severity of what was unfolding in D.C. “Hey Tiffany? Have you not seen what is going on. Now, and an hour ago when you posted that ridiculous tweet? I thought you were better than the rest of the brood,” a user posted, while others once again suggested she “privately” message her brother. “Not sure if you know but you can send birthday greetings privately by email or SMS rather than insensitively centering your own family over, for example, someone dying at the hands of a mob directed by your father. HTH,” they added.