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Jennie Garth & Tori Spelling Reveal Why It’s ‘Hard’ To Rewatch Episodes Of ‘90210’ With Luke Perry

Jennie Garth & Tori Spelling opened up to HL about how it's both 'emotional' & 'comforting' seeing Luke Perry while rewatching '90210' episodes for their podcast.

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Jennie Garth and Tori Spelling have themselves and fans hooked back on the original Beverly Hills, 90210, as they have been documenting their reactions to rewatching the show for their iHeartRadio podcast 9021OMG! The BFFs spoke to in an EXCLUSIVE interview, revealing it was one of their “biggest fears” to see Luke Perry as Dylan while going back to watch the show.

“It was this fear of what the emotions would be like seeing him again in that capacity,” Tori explained. “But I think, we’ve run the gamut with our emotions, but we’re really happy each week to celebrate him. It’s almost as if he’s right there by our side and we are living through those moments again with him.”

Jennie added, “Watching those episodes, it’s definitely hard brings and up a lot of stuff — a lot of memories, and that’s hard to kind of accept in your mind. But, Tori is right, in a way it’s comforting and it’s nice to be with him again, in a weird way.” Tori continued to say that watching 90210 now “as fan girls,” they “see what a powerful energy Luke was.”

Luke, who played teenage heartthrob Dylan McKay, heartbreakingly passed away on March 4, 2019 after a tragic stroke. “We see why the world fell in love with him,” she said. “We were so in love with him. He was a brother. But the impact he had, you really see his presence on camera, and it’s nice to go back and give people taste of what he was like behind the scenes and his humor and kindness off camera, as well.”

On 9021OMGTori and Jennie, who played Donna and Kelly in the ’90s show, rewatch every episode from the very very beginning, and give behind the scenes secrets from set and beyond about their experience on the show. “We have been actual best friends off-camera for about 30 years and we love working together and we love to find new and inventive ways to work together, and we wanted to do a girlfriends podcast and give back to fans!” Tori gushed.

“Now, watching 90210 as adults and having a different perspective on things, we have a whole new appreciation for the show!” Jennie added. “I told Tori the other day I’m a fan I’m like team Brenda now. When before I was team Kelly!” Be sure to tune in to the 9021OMG podcast weekly!