‘Teen Mom 2’: Kailyn Lowry Faces A Medical Issue With Creed After He’s Born ‘Not Breathing’

Life with four boys began for Kailyn Lowry in full force during the Dec. 8 episode of 'Teen Mom 2', when she revealed some scary health issues involving Creed.

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Kailyn Lowry was forced to navigate a major health issue during the Dec. 8 episode of Teen Mom 2. After giving birth to baby Creed at home, the mom of four told her producer, Patrick, that her newborn son wasn’t breathing when he entered this world. And to make matters worse, she also learned that he had tongue-tie, which would need to get clipped as soon as possible.

Kailyn revealed how “tired” she was feeling before joking that she should have named Creed “baby difficult” because “he doesn’t sleep, [and] he is just crying if he’s awake.” After saying how frustrated she’s been, she continued explaining that “he eats okay, but he’s tongue-tied so it made it really hard [for him] to latch onto my nipple.”

Then, when the topic of conversation turned to Chris Lopez, Kailyn told Patrick that Chris “bought a box of diapers for Creed when Creed was born, and that was it. He hasn’t seen [Creed] since the week he was born.”

However, to Kailyn’s “surprise”, she said Chris was “very supportive” during her home-birth, which he was present for. “We didn’t argue — it was good,” Kailyn said, but what wasn’t good was when Creed came out not breathing.

“When I was pushing him out, there was a moment where I pushed, and I didn’t feel another contraction. So the midwife was like, ‘You need to push. I need you to push. I need you to do it because’ whatever. So he comes and he’s just completely not breathing. And the look on Chris’ face was just like — [he was] terrified.”

Fortunately, the midwife got Creed breathing again, but Kailyn learned the risks of giving birth at home the hard way.

Then, while explaining her custody arrangement with Chris, Kailyn said he only has supervised visits. “He is legally allowed to contact me in writing about his kids,” she said. “He’s never done that.”

“Are you making a decision, here and now, ‘I don’t want you in Creed’s life?” producer Patrick then asked, to which Kailyn said, “Pretty much. I just don’t want you to f*** my kids up. And I need to pick up the pieces of the mess I created and keep on pushing.”

Also, despite what Kailyn was told about Creed being tongue-tied, a doctor later told her (after her chat with Patrick) that Creed wasn’t tongue-tied so no procedure to clip it was necessary.

Kailyn Lowry holding baby Creed on ‘Teen Mom 2’. (MTV)

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Want more drama? New episodes of Teen Mom 2 air Tuesdays at 8pm on MTV.

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