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Mary Trump Reveals Why She Doesn’t Think Trump Will Concede: He’s ‘Taking A Wrecking Ball’ To US Govt

Donald Trump's niece, Mary Trump, believes that the president won't be conceding to Joe Biden anytime soon. He'd rather destroy the government in the 48 days left of his term.

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Dr. Mary Trump returned to The View to give her take on her uncle, Donald Trump‘s constant lies about voter fraud since losing the 2020 election. Mary, a psychologist, said she believes that the president will never concede to President-elect Joe Biden, as losing is seen as a “weakness” in the Trump family. “It’s impossible for Donald to believe that he lost,” Mary told the co-hosts on the December 3 episode. “He’s never had to be in a situation in which he can’t somehow turn that loss into a win.”

Rather than admit defeat, Mary said that her uncle, whose psyche she explores deeply in the bestseller Too Much and Never Enough, would rather wreak havoc on the United States. “He can’t admit it to himself [that he lost] because that would suggest that there’s no way for him to get out of this mess,” she explained. “So he’s going to continue to undermine people’s faith in our government and our institutions. It’s just another 48 days he has to keep taking a wrecking ball to the United States government.”

Since the presidential election was called for Biden on November 7, Trump has alleged that massive voter fraud cost him the race, despite there being no evidence to back up the claim. His campaign filed lawsuits for recounts in multiple high-electoral states, like Georgia and Michigan, and all have further proven that Biden won. Trump has responded with wild accusations on Twitter, all flagged by the site as false. He recently gave a 46-minute rant at the White House about how he’s being treated “unfairly.”

Donald Trump
President Donald Trump speaks with reporters at the White House on Thanksgiving, 11/26/20 (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

In reality, the only person Trump’s harming is himself, Mary said on The View. “He’s making himself look like a sore loser. He’s behaving like an immature bully. The only thing he has left right now is his grievance. It’s not going to change anything for his most ardent supporters. But I think it’s going to do two things: increase his irrelevance after the inauguration, and I think it increases the urgency of holding him accountable when he no longer has the protection of the Oval Office.”