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Leslie Jones Goes Off On ‘Moron’ Donald Trump In Epic Rant: ‘You Are Embarrassing’

Leslie Jones ranted against Donald Trump in a scathing Twitter video, calling the president 'embarrassing' and a 'moron' for all the lies he's spread about the 2020 election.

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Leslie Jones Donald Trump
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Leslie Jones‘ Twitter feed cannot be beat when it comes to stellar commentary about anything from Marvel movies, to Game of Thrones, and the Olympics. The comedian has now taken to filming her TV during news broadcasts and rating pundits’ Zoom backgrounds while giving her two cents about the night’s topics — including massive takedowns of Donald Trump. On December 2, she tweeted “This is F**KING EMBARRASSING,” along with a clip from MSNBC’s 46-minute video documenting all of the lies he’s pushed about the election.

It didn’t stop there. “You know how sad you look, you f**king stupid f**king child?” Leslie said while watching MSNBC’s broadcast. “You up here with a chart you can’t even read. He can’t even read this chart. He don’t know what the f**k that chart say.” The former Saturday Night Live star implied that she didn’t want any Trump supporters to be her fans.

“Listen, let me tell you something,” she continued. “I can’t believe anybody that’s a fan of me can’t look at this stupid motherf**ker and not be f**king embarrassed. I’m so f**king embarrassed. Can we cut off access to the other countries that are seeing this type of sh*t?” Leslie’s never hidden her disdain for Trump in the past.

Leslie Jones Donald Trump
Leslie Jones, President Donald Trump (AP Images)

The Supermarket Sweep host slammed the president during an October appearance on The View. She laughed as she recalled him saying at the final presidential debate that he was “the least racist person in this room” despite refusing to renounce white supremacists. “I was like, ‘oh, Trump is doing comedy now! This is great! He’s a stand up comedian,” she said, barely keeping it together.