Donald Trump Is Seen Golfing As Joe Biden Is Named President-Elect & Twitter Erupts With Hilarious Memes

Donald Trump was spotted golfing in Virginia when news broke that Joe Biden won the presidential election and Twitter users shared their versions of how they think he reacted in memorable responses.

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Image Credit: AP

President Donald Trump, 74, seemed to be trying to distract himself from the presidential election when he was spotted golfing at his own golf club in Sterling, Virginia at the same time Democratic nominee Joe Biden, 77, was declared the President-elect of the United States on the morning of Nov. 7. The 45th president left the White House early Saturday morning to attend the golf outing with some friends and was on the golf course near a golf cart at the moment the 2020 presidential race results were called. Once photos of him golfing in the secluded area made their way around Twitter, users couldn’t help but share hilarious responses and memes that revealed how they think he reacted to the defeat.

Donald Trump (AP)
Donald Trump golfing in Virginia on Nov. 7, 2020, when news that Joe Biden won the 2020 presidential election broke. (AP)

“lol Trump is apparently out golfing right now and when they drive him back he’s going to have to see the HUMONGOUS CROWD LOUDLY CELEBRATING HIS LOSS surrounding the White House,” one response read while others posted a meme of Trump’s head on a child’s body while out on a golf course, which can be seen below. The meme showed him swinging at a golf ball and missing before laying down on the ground with swinging arms and kicking feet, a move reminiscent of a child having a tantrum.

Some quoted Trump’s own tweet, which he posted earlier in the day, that read, “I WON THIS ELECTION, BY A LOT!”, along with the meme. Others used memes of various frustrated people trying to get into a locked door or locked gate and not being able to, and joked about how that would be Trump trying to get back into the White House upon his return from golfing. “Trump trying to enter the White House after golfing,” one tweet read with a meme that showed a man appearing to yell “LET ME IN!” while pulling on a locked gate, which can be seen below.

Another tweet, which can be seen below, featured a meme of someone falling out of a golf cart at full speed. “Trump at the golf course upon hearing Biden announced as President elect,” the tweet read.

Biden’s victory while Trump was on the golf course comes after Saturday’s vote counts for the key battleground state of Pennsylvania pushed him over a half-point lead. He was also projected to win the battleground state of Nevada shortly after he was announced president-elect and was in the lead in Georgia. Biden’s win also marks the historical win for his running mate, Kamala Harris, 56, who becomes the first female, Black, and South-Asian Vice President of the U.S.

Although Trump was leading in some battleground states such as Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, on the night of Election Day, Biden eventually took the lead and was projected to win the first two states by the next day. Due to the large number of mail-in ballots that still had to be counted, it took several days for a result to be determined and Trump has been taking to his own Twitter to tweet unconfirmed claims such as how he “won” the election and there may have been voting fraud.