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Cardi B Stress Smokes 3 Cigarettes At Once While Disappointingly Watching ‘States Turn Red’ During Election

After seeing Donald Trump receive so many votes in the 2020 election, Cardi B broke out multiple cigarettes to try and calm her nerves.

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Cardi B was not pleased when she saw how many states voted in favor of Donald Trump in the 2020 election. As the votes came in on the evening of Nov. 3, and more and more results were revealed, Cardi started smoking to attempt to relieve some stress. She even posted a video of herself smoking three cigarettes at once as she lamented “watching [the] states turn red” due to votes for Trump.

By the end of the evening, a result in the 2020 election had not been confirmed, despite Trump falsely claiming that he had won. States like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Arizona, who have yet to complete counting votes, have become crucial in deciding whether Trump or Joe Biden will be the next president. Cardi’s own home state of Georgia has also not declared a winner, as of press time.

Cardi has been vocal about her support for the Democratic party on the road to this election. In the primary, she was an avid supporter of Bernie Sanders, but has backed Biden since he received the Democratic nomination. She has also spoken out against Trump on various occasions, and has spent weeks urging her many followers to vote in this election. Obviously, this is something that Cardi is extremely passionate about, which is why she, like many other celebrities, reacted so strongly on election night.

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Cardi B performs in a green bodysuit. (AP)

The comments section of Cardi’s smoking video was filled with people agreeing with her sentiments about how the night went down. “I feel you sis,” one person wrote, while someone else added, “I’m having mad anxiety sis!!!” However, some fans were also concerned about Cardi’s decision to smoke cigarettes for health reasons, and urged her to stop doing so, as well.

Earlier in the day, Cardi posted a video of herself heading to the polls on her Instagram Story. She urged her fans to stay in line to vote, even if the polls in their areas were crowded. Her husband, Offset, was also spotted bringing food to voters who were waiting in line in Atlanta.