Cardi B Makes Bernie Sanders Giggle As She Drags Donald Trump: ‘Honey You Make Yourself Look Bad’

Cardi B is on fire when she gets political. She did an IG live with Bernie Sanders where she torched Donald Trump by saying that he makes himself look bad over his handling of the coronavirus.

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Cardi B, Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump
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You’ve gotta love it when Cardi B talks politics, because she’s actually up on her news and knows her stuff. The 27-year-old rapper did an Instagram live session with former Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders on Apr. 14 and she managed to do all of the talking…which with Bernie, 78, is no small feat. She even made him giggle when she dragged President Donald Trump, 73, for blaming the Democrats for trying to make him look bad, saying he makes himself look bad all on his own.

“Even right now people that are in jail, they are not being protected as good as they should with this coronavirus,” Cardi told Bernie who gave her a pointed fingers up that she’s right on the money. The “I Like It” singer continued, “One thing that baffles my mental about number 45 is when this coronavirus news was hitting and everything, he just kept blaming that this was a move of the Democrats to make him look bad. That everything the Democrats do is bad propaganda to make him look bad. But the thing is, honey, you don’t need the Democrats to make you look bad. You make your own self look bad.” That elicited a hearty laugh from Bernie. Cardi looked fierce with a purple wig in four side-updo’s, full makeup, a green and white bomber jacket and long blue acrylic nails.

“There were so many chances that he had when interviewers asked him questions. He could have answered with the right answer so people would be like, ‘Ok, he actually cares.’ And instead of him giving a right answer, he just shushed them up and just degrades them,” Cardi said, giving an accurate portrayal of how Trump has treated reporters so poorly when they question him about his handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

“Sorry, you make your own self look bad. He coulda been avoided this situation in January,” Cardi continued. She mentioned how “a lot of people when coronavirus was becoming trendy in America in early January, a lot of people thought it would be racist or prejudiced to close the borders from China to America.” She then asked, “How come it wasn’t prejudiced when America closed the border with West Africa when Ebola was around? And the Ebola virus never even got here, that’s my think.” Even though the U.S. doesn’t actually share borders with China or West Africa, we get what Cardi is saying.

“I feel like they put capitalism —  money, trading and goods — before our health,” Cardi added about how long it took for the China travel ban to take effect following the deadly coronavirus outbreak there. Bernie didn’t get a word in edgewise, but Cardi going off on politics — and dragging Trump — was pretty impressive. “Apologize for messing up and do a better job for the people!” Cardi added about Trump.