‘Orange Is The New Black’ Star Diane Guerrero Urges Voters To ‘Get It In Early’ In Sexy Election PSA

‘Safe Voting Feels So Good’ is the name of the election PSA co-produced by Rosario Dawson, which is jam-packed with saucy innuendo within a serious message.

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Diane Guerrero
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You can mail it in, drop it off in a box or do it in person (as long as you come early and wear protection).

That’s the innuendo-filled message at the heart of a new election PSA co-produced by actress and activist Rosario Dawson. And HollywoodLife is giving you the EXCLUSIVE first look.

Diane Guerrero
Diane Guerrero stars in the funny, but informative, Rosario Dawson-produced election PSA. (Offsides Productions)

Starring Orange Is The New Black’s Diane Guerrero, the three-and-a-half minute long parody has a serious message about the importance of early voting and having a plan, especially during the coronavirus pandemic.

“Is this your first time? Do you feel nervous?” Diane, 34, says in the opening shot, moments after undoing her chignon and tossing her hair from side to side like she’s in a sexy shampoo commercial. “It’s normal to have lots of emotions about this big decision but I’m here to tell you, it’s gonna feel so good. So you should definitely do it.”

The actress delivers her lines while perched on a massive bed in a kitsch boudoir, full of pinks, florals, dim lights and fluffy cushions, while ‘70s porn music plays in the background.

Diane Guerrero
‘Orange Is The New Black’ fans will recognize Diane Guerrero, who played Maritza Ramos in the hit series. (Netflix)

“You still gotta be careful though, because there’s a deadly disease out there,” the actress goes on to say. “Doing it safely during a pandemic; man, what a historic time to get it in. So let’s all get down and practice safe, consensual and pleasurable voting.”

The clever lines – while funny – hit serious notes.  “Some people don’t want you to do it,” she says. “They wanna suppress your voice, but this is no time for abstinence.” At one point Diane says, “The best thing you can do is to get it in early, like really early; like right now early. I promise no one’s going to judge you for coming early on your first time.”

Diane also tells viewers that, if they vote in person “make sure to wear protection.” The PSA hammers home the message by including saucy visuals to emphasize the sexual innuendo. (Yes, that includes footage of a man protecting his eyes from projectile fluid while wearing a face shield.)

Cory Booker, Rosario Dawson
Actress and activist Rosario Dawson (pictured here with boyfriend, Sen. Cory Booker) co-produced the election PSA. (AP)

“On the path towards liberation, voting is a necessary step that we must repeatedly take to effect change,” Diane tells HollywoodLife about the importance of making your voice heard during the election.

Speaking about the PSA (which was made by Offsides Productions) she says, “I hope young people especially see that voting is one of the easiest ways you can show compassion and make a real difference for your community. My biggest piece of advice [is] make your voting plan now. And, like the video says, don’t be nervous if it’s your first time.”

Check out the video in full at the top of this page. And, if you feel inspired, register to vote by filling out this Rock The Vote form below or by going to Vote.org: