Jane Fonda, 82, Resurrects Workout Videos With Help From Katy Perry & More To Encourage People To Vote

Jane Fonda wants YOU to exercise... your right to vote! The actress channeled her iconic '80s workout tapes with the help of some celeb pals to inspire her fans to vote.

Jane Fonda
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Jane Fonda knows a thing or two about workouts, so trust her when she says the most important thing to exercise that vote! The actress and activist has enlisted a crew of celebrities to help her create a new entry in her library of iconic workout videos, and while the vibes are pure ’80s, the message is 2020 specific: Americans need to vote in the November 3 presidential election. The video starts with Jane, 82, in her full spandex and headband regalia, ready to kick ass.

“Hello, class. We’re bring back the movement! We need you to be in shape for the upcoming race,” Jane instructs. “I need you to be strong. I need you to be laser-focused. I need you to be fully committed to the task at hand. So, let’s get ready to exercise our right to vote.” The video pans out to show Jane’s celebrity friends already working on their fitness. There’s Ken Jeong, who’s lifting weights in a very tiny outfit, and Shaq, who’s having a blast doing some ’80s-tastic aerobics.

Jane Fonda
Jane Fonda (Exercise That Vote)

Kerry Washington, doing sit-ups in neon spandex, door knocker earrings, and a “Let’s Get Physical” tee, implored her fans to “exercise that right,” while Amy Schumer got in some jump roping in her leggings. Orlando Bloom is going hard in the gym while fiancée Katy Perry, who just gave birth to their daughter, Daisy Bloom, is sitting this one out. She’s doing her part by eating chocolate and spying on her hot dude, instead. She’s definitely thinking about voting, though!

Later, while pumping breast milk, she tells her fans they need to “get pumped to vote.” Other stars, like Ashley Benson (wearing a pink leotard on a trampoline) and Vanessa Hudgens (doing some classic Jane stretches in a mesh one-piece) are along for the fun. “Exercise those glutes, exercise your quads, exercise your right to vote,” Jane ends, with a flourish.

Jane Fonda
Exercise That Vote

If you haven’t registered to vote yet, get on it! Time is running out — today is the LAST day to register in these states. It’s easy to get it done, though. Simply fill out the form below, courtesy of our friends at Rock The Vote:

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