‘Filthy Rich’s Gerald McRaney: Eugene Surviving The Plane Crash Is Just ‘The Beginning’ For Him

HL spoke EXCLUSIVELY with actor Gerald McRaney and more about Eugene's future after he miraculously survived that plane crash and how it will change him moving forward.

Gerald McRaney
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Filthy Rich pulled a major twist on fans right in the premiere episode — Eugene Monreaux did not actually die in that wild plane crash. In the final moments of the season premiere, Eugene woke up to a stranger staring at him after surviving the crash. Now that Eugene is alive (and seemingly well), is he going to be racing back to his normal life and family? HollywoodLife asked Gerald McRaney that very question.

“I have no idea where that is going to go, but I think when Eugene comes to in that swamp that is the beginning of his journey back to himself,” Gerald told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY during a Feb. 2020 set visit. “Not so much a journey home or a journey to God or a journey to anything except, ‘Who the hell am I? And who the hell is this guy who has taken over my body! I don’t know if I like this son of a b*tch.'”

Gerald McRaney
Gerald McRaney with c-star Kim Cattrall. (FOX)

On the outside, Eugene Monreaux appeared to be the perfect husband, father, and Christian man. But he had big secrets of his own, including illegitimate children Margaret knew nothing about. When his plane went down, Eugene was galavanting with women who were not his wife. Eugene has some atoning to do, that’s for sure.

Tate Taylor, the creator of Filthy Rich, added that this is just the beginning for Eugene. “He is on a journey like everyone else, and he realized that he has messed up,” he told HollywoodLife.

Gerald McRaney
Gerald McRaney and his on-screen family on ‘Filthy Rich.’ (FOX)

Gerald is best known for his recent work as Dr. Nathan Katowski on NBC’s This Is Us. He won the 2017 Emmy for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series. He stars alongside Kim Cattrall, Corey Cott, Aubrey Dollar, and more in Filthy Rich. The new series airs Mondays at 9 p.m. on FOX.

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