Kim Cattrall Admits She’s Had An ‘Awakening’ Since Taking ‘Filthy Rich’ Role: It’s Been ‘Wonderful’

Kim Cattrall is back on TV in 'Filthy Rich.' Kim spoke with reporters about how the role of Margaret has led to an 'awakening' in her and the many 'faces' of her character.

Kim Cattrall
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Kim Cattrall, 64, stars as Margaret Monreaux in the new TV show Filthy Rich, which premieres Sept. 21 on FOX. Margaret is the powerful TV host and co-founder of the Sunshine Network, a popular Christian television network. Just when everything seems to be going perfectly in Margaret’s life, her husband seemingly dies in a plane crash. In the wake of this tragedy, secrets are revealed that shock Margaret to her core. Kim revealed why she wanted to play the leading role of Margaret.

“It was so different, and it wasn’t just about coming of age young people,” Kim told HollywoodLife and other reporters while on set back in Feb. 2020. “It was about people in mid-life going through a crisis, and how they were going to survive it after surviving so much. And I love the fact that it was in the South. I thought it was an allegory for what’s going on in our country right now, how you survive that and what family means, whether it’s a country or whether it’s a relationship that’s built with the children that you have and children you don’t know you have.”

Kim Cattrall
Kim Cattrall plays Margaret Monreaux in ‘Filthy Rich.’ (FOX)

Faith plays a crucial role in Margaret Monreaux’s life, and exploring Margaret’s dedication to her faith has been quite the experience for the Sex and the City alum. “I was never brought up in the faith,” Kim continued. “My parents are Church of England, but I went to Sunday school because I wanted to go, and I was in the choir because I love to sing, but it was never a path that I took. So to wear the shoes of someone where that has been their complete role in life, and the path that came to them from the Lord, I’ve always wondered what that would be like to play that. It’s been an awakening in me, especially at this age, to think I can understand so much of why we need that… so that has been a really wonderful journey.”

Kim loved the “many faces” of Margaret Monreaux. Margaret has to go to great lengths to keep her company and family legacy intact. “There’s the public face, and the audience face, and how to raise this money to keep this dream alive for the right reasons and how she justifies that right or wrong,” Kim said.

Filthy Rich
Kim Cattrall and more of the cast of ‘Filthy Rich.’ (FOX)

Margaret has a close relationship with Steve Harris’ character Franklin Lee. Franklin is there for all of Margaret’s ups and downs. Kim enjoyed the dynamic between Franklin and Margaret because they’re not “romantically involved, but he’s closer to her than anyone else.” Filthy Rich will air Mondays at 9 p.m. on FOX.

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