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‘Selling Sunset’s Mary Fitzgerald Gushes Over Her ‘Secure’ Marriage Amid ‘Fake’ Wedding Rumors

'Selling Sunset' star Mary Fitzgerald is taking the high road when it comes to the gossip surrounding her &  husband Romain Bonnet.

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Mary Fitzgerald
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Mary Fitzgerald & Romain Bonnet’s relationship has been the talk of many conversations on the hit Netflix series Selling Sunset. People, for one, questioned their age difference (she’s 39, he’s 27). Then there were the trust issues between them including the drama surrounding his bachelor party prior to them getting married. Couple that with him being unsure about starting a family with her, the pressures of them buying a house together and so much more that played out on the show not to mention the negativity they’ve been receiving from trolls online. All of that could cause cause a great deal of stress and insecurity in anyone’s life.

Mary, however, remains resilient with her handsome beau. She spoke to HollywoodLife about that in an exclusive interview last month, saying, “I don’t let it get to me too much. I just try to ignore most of it. I know who I am. I know what my relationship is with Romain. We’re very secure. I don’t try to pay too much attention to it.”

Selling Sunset
‘Selling Sunset’ stars Mary Fitzgerald & Romain Bonnet. Credit: Netflix

The bubbly blonde also spoke about how she thinks her castmates are dealing with the endless speculations that are out there on the internet. “I think it has affected the co-stars because sometimes you’ll just see, the articles will twist what we say or people will say things and you’ll be like, ‘What? Why would you say that?'”

“It’s crazy, but we’re getting used to it,” she continued before bringing up how much life has changed since they’ve become household names. “It’s a learning curve for us. None of us have been in this situation before and we’re just learning as we go.”

Selling Sunset
Mary Fitzgerald & Romain Bonnet on ‘Selling Sunset’. Credit: Netflix

Mary has a lot to be happy about as of late outside of her & Romain’s marriage. She celebrated two major things over the course of the past couple of days: selling a Los Angeles-based home for almost $4 million dollars and reaching one million followers on Instagram! “1 Million feels pretty sweet!,” Mary captioned next to an Instagram photo of her holding a bunch of delicious cupcake that were shaped to look like the number 1 and the letter M.