‘Project Runway’s Michael Costello Reveals Beyoncé’s Daughter Blue Ivy, 8, Has ‘A Huge Say’ In Their Matching Looks

Michael Costello, who once designed Beyoncé's Grammys dress, EXCLUSIVELY revealed Blue Ivy's role in her 'mommy and me' looks with her superstar mom.

Michael Costello, Beyonce, Blue Ivy
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Beyoncé, 38, isn’t the sole person brainstorming her “mommy and me” outfits with her daughter Blue Ivy Carter, 8. Blue is just as involved — if not more — which Project Runway alum Michael Costello EXCLUSIVELY revealed to HollywoodLife on Aug. 29. “From what I’ve heard because I’ve worked with her stylist a few different times, Blue Ivy also has her own stylist. They put looks together for her. I’ve heard that Blue Ivy, if she doesn’t like the fabrics, Beyonce will change the entire fabric of her dress as well,” Michael revealed.
Blue Ivy Carter, Beyonce
Blue Ivy Carter and Beyoncé coordinate in crystal-encrusted Alexander McQueen outfits at The Lion King premiere in Los Angeles in Nov. 2019. (AP Images)

Michael — who memorably designed Beyoncé’s white lace gown for the 2014 Grammys — added that Blue “gets a huge say” in what she “wears,” which he finds “adorable.” Explaining what fashions Blue is drawn to, Michael said, “Blue Ivy definitely has her own unique, cool style. I think she plays homage to the African American culture. And when she’s dressing she pays tribute to that.” Michael added that Blue also “likes to take fashion from different angles and fashion from different cultures,” and “mix it into her own and create a look.”

When asked if Beyoncé is also “into” the “mommy and me” looks, Michael confirmed, “She is!” He then explained, “There have been several different photo shoots that her stylist Zerina Akers has done, and she puts the look together and it’s fun. I love that she does that. I love that she does the mommy and me thing. It’s so cute.”
Blue Ivy Carter, Beyonce
Beyoncé and Blue Ivy Carter make their grand entrance at the MTV Video Music Awards in New York in Aug. 2016. The fun tulle ruffles and gold fabric of Blue’s Mischka Aoki dress are a stylish complement to the sea mist green feathers and Swarovski crystals on her mom’s Francesco Scognamiglio gown. (AP Images)
It looks like Blue inherits enthusiasm for the creative process that goes into fashion from her mom. “Beyoncé is extremely hands on,” Michael also told HollywoodLife. “The one thing that I remember that struck me the most that I was so excited about, is that Beyoncé gives everyone on her creative team their own time to meet with her and talk with her and no one’s allowed to interrupt. For example, when we were doing fashion and designing a look, lighting walked in and she said, ‘Hang on lighting, this is Michael’s time. This is fashion time. So as soon as we’re done with fashion time, we can address the lighting situation’.”
Michael Costello
Designer Michael Costello is pictured here at the American Influencer Awards in Hollywood in Nov. 2019. Michael was the first designer in Los Angeles to design masks for front-line workers at the beginning of the pandemic! (AP Images)
“I think someone of [Beyoncé’s] caliber giving that much attention and detail to the people that she works with…she’s such a name and such a huge person in the industry, she truly is an icon,” Michael continued. “I think it’s so humble that she is so hands on and so detailed when it comes to every element of what she works on.”
Blue Ivy Carter
Blue Ivy Carter dresses up in princess attire by her mom, who looks just as fit to rule a kingdom, in the Disney+ visual album Black Is King. (YouTube)

Blue also made a few stylish cameos in Black Is King, Beyoncé’s Disney+ visual album for the soundtrack that she curated for the 2019 remake of The Lion King. In one scene, which you can see above, Blue coordinates with her mother in regal outfits fit for a royal court.

On the subject of the many fashion-forward looks that Beyoncé served in this special project that dropped on July 31, Michael said, “I think what makes her such a style icon is because she’s not afraid to take risks. She knows exactly what she wants. She’s daring, she’s always pushing envelopes and she’s always setting trends no matter what she does. Fortunately in my time, I’ve had the opportunity of working with her several times. We’ve had some major, major, wonderful moments. I really do love what she puts out.”

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