Ivanka Trump Calls President A ‘Defender Of Common Sense’ & Twitter Erupts: ‘He Told Us To Inject Bleach’

Ivanka Trump showered her father with compliments during her RNC speech, but viewers at home couldn't wrap their heads around one of his titles -- Defender of Common Sense??

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Ivanka Trump
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Image Credit: AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

Four nights of praise for President Donald Trump at the Republican National Convention concluded with a speech from eldest daughter Ivanka Trump August 27. Ivanka, 38, told a massive, maskless crowd on the White House lawn that she saw her father as so much more than a commander-in-chief. “Tonight I stand before you as the proud daughter of the people’s president,” she said, the White House illuminated behind her. “He is a champion of the American worker, defender of common sense, and our voice for the forgotten men and women of this country.”

Viewers at home weren’t exactly buying that. The “Defender of Common Sense,” after all, is the same man who suggested that ingesting disinfectants like Lysol could cure COVID-19. “Hey @IvankaTrump Your father said people should inject bleach into their bodies. And you had the nerve to mention common sense and his name in the same sentence. I can’t with you,” one RNC viewer tweeted while watching her introduce President Trump.

“She says to the 1500 people crowded together, in front of her, none of whom wearing masks, during an outbreak of a deadly infectious virus,” another viewer pointed out. “That’s common sense??” And Ivanka doubled down: “Many of the issues my father has championed are not historically Republican priorities — yet where Washington choose sides, our president chooses common sense. Where politicians choose party, our president chooses people,” Ivanka, who serves as a White House senior adviser, said.

Ivanka Trump
Ivanka Trump spoke on the last night of the 2020 RNC (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

“I recognize that my dad’s communication style is not to everyone’s taste. And I know that his tweets can feel a bit unfiltered, but the results — the results speak for themselves,” she continued. “You don’t achieve different results by doing things the same way. Washington has not changed Donald Trump. Donald Trump has changed Washington.”

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