‘Say Yes To The Dress’ Sneak Peek: A Bride’s Adopted Mom & Biological Mom Clash Over A Gown

Madison is trying to find the perfect gown for her big day, and her adopted mom and biological mom don't agree on one specific wedding dress in this EXCLUSIVE 'Say Yes To The Dress' preview.

Bride Madison has been trying on wedding gowns in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the Aug. 15 episode of Say Yes To Dress, and she’s found one that impresses her. However, she agrees to try on another one. This one doesn’t really float her boat right away.

“I’m trying to picture myself at the wedding, and it’s not really going with my whole theme and my vineyard feel and everything like that, but I’m looking past it,” Madison says. The dress is a strapless Essence of Australia gown that retails for $2,100. When she walks out, her crew is very impressed.

Say Yes To The Dress
A bride tries on a ‘vintage’ gown in the Aug. 15 episode. (TLC)

Her crew includes her adopted mother, Dolores, and her biological mother, Tyler, who had Madison at 16. Madison’s adopted parents decided to keep Tyler in Madison’s life, and now that Madison is getting married, she’s decided to make Tyler her maid of honor. While Dolores loves the “vintage” gown Madison has on, Tyler knows it’s not right for Madison.

“I just don’t think vintage when I think of Madison,” Tyler says. That’s exactly what Madison wanted to hear. “Tyler gets it,” Madison says. Madison wishes she could love the dress for her mom, but she just can’t.

Say Yes To The Dress
Madison with her adopted mom and biological mom. (TLC)

“I don’t think this dress is for her,” Tyler continues. Madison admits that she knows “it bothers my mom when me and Tyler are really on the same page about something. Unfortunately, I just have a different sense of style and that just happens to be very similar to Tyler’s.”

When a vote is taken, everyone rejects the dress except Dolores. Madison and Lisa, the consultant, don’t want to upset Dolores. Lisa asks Dolores if she’s going to be upset if Madison doesn’t choose this dress. “I won’t feel bad. Just disappointed,” Dolores quips. Say Yes To The Dress airs Saturdays at 8 p.m. on TLC.

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