Chelsea Houska Panics Before Taking COVID Test On ‘Teen Mom 2’: I’m ‘Getting Scared’ — Watch

Chelsea Houska winces in pain while undergoing a COVID-19 test in a new trailer for 'Teen Mom 2,' which dropped on Aug. 4. She can also be heard yelling in fear in the sneak peek!

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Chelsea Houska
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The theme for Season 10 of Teen Mom 2 is “moms under pressure,” which is the title of a new trailer that dropped on Aug. 4. And Chelsea Houska, 28, is definitely feeling the “pressure” of the pandemic in the sneak peek that arrived on Tuesday. “This coronavirus thing is actually a big deal,” Chelsea tells someone off-screen while driving in her car. Then, the screen cuts to the mother of three with a swab up her nose: the standard procedure to test for COVID-19!

Chelsea Houska
Chelsea Houska tests for COVID-19 in the new Teen Mom 2 trailer released on Aug. 4, 2020. (MTV)

Chelsea’s fear towards the virus escalates in the trailer, which was first shared by Us Weekly. “I’M GETTING SCARED NOW,” she can be heard yelling in the trailer, following her test. It’s unclear if Chelsea is referring to the coronavirus, but the trailer certainly implies this! Chelsea lives in South Dakota, which now has more than 9,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19 as of Aug. 4.

Chelsea isn’t the only mom dealing with a stressful situation. “When it all becomes too much…these moms are ready to pop,” a narrator dramatically announces during the trailer, which soon shows Chelsea’s co-stars Leah MesserKailyn Lowry and Briana DeJesus breaking down in tears. You can watch the rest of the trailer above, which is full of shocking moments — like Leah’s confession to her past addiction to pain medication.

A recent look at the home that Chelsea Houska is building with her husband, Cole DeBoer. (Instagram/@downhomedeboers)

The first Season 10 trailer dropped just a day prior, on Aug. 3. In the trailer, Briana made a surprising confession: “He gave me an STD.” Although she didn’t name names, Tuesday’s new trailer reveals that Briana had sex with Luis Hernandez, the father of her three-year-old daughter Stella. You can watch the original trailer, here!

Although Chelsea pays a trip to a COVID-19 testing center in the new trailer, the mother of Aubree, 10, Watson, 3, and Layne, 1, appears to be in good health at the moment! The MTV star has been sharing updates on the home she is building with her husband, Cole DeBoer, 32, in South Dakota throughout their quarantine. On June 25, Chelsea shared a photo of the under-construction house that had a roof, windows, wall panels and front porch installed. By Aug. 1, the home appeared nearly finished, as you can see above!