Brooke Shields, 55, Leaps From A Boat While Swimming In Sexy Black Bathing Suit — Watch

Brooke Shields flaunted her trim body and legs for days, kicking off the week in a swimsuit video. She gave fans a big treat by jumping into the ocean with her incredible figure on display.

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A lot of times, Brooke Shields will post an exercise video as her #MondayMotivation, but on Aug. 3 she decided to share a video that showed off the results of her dedication to working out. The 55-year-old model/actress wore a black one-piece swimsuit in a slow-motion vid where she jumped off the side of a boat and into the ocean. Brooke got some serious air, as she raised her arms above her head and then stretched her legs out to the side, showing how incredibly long, tight and lean her body is.

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Monday mood… jumping right into the week

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Since the video was slow-mo, it captured the muscles of her incredibly long legs going to work on her jump. Even her glutes stayed in perfect place without so much as a jiggle. Brooke is rigorous about her workouts though, as she does plenty of core, stretching and pilates-like routines that keep her abs and limbs elongated and strong. Sure it helps that her model body stands at 6 ft tall. But she shows in IG videos how hard she works to maintain her incredible figure, instead of leaving fans to marvel “how does she look so amazing?” without seeing the effort he puts into it.

“Monday mood… jumping right into the week,” Brooke captioned the video with her cheeky comment. Legendary Danish-born supermodel Helena Christensen, 51, gave her model pal props, writing in the comments, “This is one very strong, fit, beautiful body holy sh*t,” with red heart emojis. Fan @zurainzimam gushed, “Whooopeere! Looking fantastic bless you! The workouts are showing great results.”

Brooke Shields

Brooke Shields showed off her incredible bikini body at 52 in a body-positive swimsuit campaign for the brand Swimsuits For All. Three years later, her swimsuit body is just as fit as ever. Photo credit: MEGA.

Brooke regularly shares her workouts in Instagram videos, and allows fans to keep fit along with her. Instead of flaunting her swimsuit body on the prior Monday, she showed off how she keeps it in shape in a July 27 IG video that worked her core and sides. Brooke shared an exercise she had just learned called “The Penguin,” where she laid on her back, knees bent up in the air and feet planted She then lifted her shoulders slightly off the ground and  moved her hands and arms down to touch each ankle, engaging her abs and obliques.

Brooke wore tight black leggings and a white tank top that showed off how her fitness keeps her in such fine shape. “#MondayMotivation to get moving today! Try the penguin.  it’s harder than it seems…keep your stomach tight and work your obliques,” she wrote in the caption of the workout video. If that’s one of the exercise she uses to help keep her body looking like she’s 25 at age 55, she should be everybody’s Instagram personal trainer!