Chris Brown ‘Super Attracted’ To Ammika Harris & ‘Proud’ To Let His Feelings Be Known On Instagram

Chris Brown often leaves flirty comments underneath Ammika Harris's selfies. Now, multiple sources EXCLUSIVELY tell HollywoodLife why the singer isn't afraid to show off affection in front of their many fans!

Chris Brown, Ammika Harris
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There’s a reason Chris Brown, 31, often drops a flirty comment here and there underneath Ammika Harris’s Instagram photos. “Chris has an admiration for Ammika that is very strong and is only amplified being physically away from her. He really wants her to be happy and he knows that he will be happy when he gets to see her. He always loves talking to her and when he isn’t that is when he makes comments about her on her Insta,” a source close to Chris EXCLUSIVELY tells HollywoodLife. “It’s not really a warning to any guys out there when he comments, it is more of a fun flirty type message to make sure she knows he is always thinking about her.”

It’s true — Breezy’s comments aren’t a warning sign to other men, while Chris and Ammika quarantine in different countries (Chris is in the United States, while Ammika has been in Germany with their eight-month-old baby boy, Aeko, since Jan. 2020). “It’s been so long since Chris has seen Ammika and of course he misses her. He sees the comments other guys leave on her Instagram plus he’s well aware that other men must be checking her out wherever she goes despite the lockdown, even if it’s just to the store. Chris isn’t the jealous type, but she’s still the mother of his son and he’s super attracted to her. What guy wouldn’t be?” a second source, who’s also close to Breezy, EXCLUSIVELY tells HollywoodLife.

Chris Brown, Ammika Harris
Chris Brown often leaves affectionate notes like these under Ammika Harris’s Instagram posts. (Instagram/@chrisbrownofficial)
“Being apart has actually been strengthening their bond because not only has distance made the heart grow fonder, but the physical aspect doesn’t get in the way and they communicate on a really deep level,” our second source continues. With that said, “Chris is proud to let it be known how he feels about Ammika” — explaining why he has taken on the role of being Ammika’s hypeman on Instagram! He referred to Ammika as “mine” underneath a gorgeous photo that she shared to Instagram on July 7, and gushed that “Every single detail is AMAZING about you” underneath a portrait selfie that she shared on July 1. In response to the latter message, Ammika replied in all-caps, “I LOVE YOU!!”
Chris Brown, Ammika Harris
Another flirty exchange between Chris Brown and Ammika Harris — this one taken from a video of Ammika posing in a lovely floral dress. (Instagram/@chrisbrownofficial/@ammikaaa)
Maintaining a long distance co-parenting relationship hasn’t always been smooth sailing for Chris and Ammika, who haven’t confirmed if they’re in a committed relationship. “Chris and Ammika have had some growing pains, things have gone up and down and there have been times they are so together and then other times when they can’t get on the same page but right now things are good and they’re getting along really well,” a third source close to the father of two EXCLUSIVELY tells HollywoodLife. “It’s complicated with her being in another country but the good thing about this forced separation is that it’s really helped Chris see what his priorities are…He’s desperate to see her and of course Aeko too.”
A reunion would be extremely difficult right now, sadly. “U.S. citizens who are not residents of the EU and do not fall into one of several narrow exceptions will be denied entry to Germany,” according to the U.S. Embassy & Consulates in Germany page, which was updated on June 17. The U.S. also didn’t make the list of the 14 countries whose citizens are allowed to visit the European Union, after it opened its borders on July 1.

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