50 Cent Trolls Ja Rule For His New Greek Deli Commercial: ‘This Is What Happens’ When You Mess With Me

50 Cent took a virtual jab at his longtime enemy, Ja Rule on June 22 and it's a sight to see. The rapper poked fun at Ja Rule over a bizarre, new gyro commercial he recently filmed. Take a look for yourself!

50 Cent is at it again. — And, this time, Ja Rule is the target of his latest Instagram diss. In what seems like an endless back and forth between the veteran rappers, 50 trolled Ja Rule, both 44, and his new ad for Papa Cristo’s Greek Grill on Monday. The new, presumed low-budget commercial shows Ja Rule wearing a “I [heart] Greece” t-shirt, while he gushes over his love for Greek food, specifically gyros.

50 cent had a field day with the new clip, which he reposted to his Instagram. “This is what happens when f–k with me, I’ll have you and your whole label selling Gyro’s,” he captioned his post, adding, “Go head try me!”

(Video credit: 50 Cent/Instagram) 

Meanwhile, Ja Rule appeared to have a blast in the new clip. The Greek restaurant apparently has the “best motherf–king gyros,” according to him. Later on in the clip, Ja mispronounces popular Greek dishes and other menu items. “You can’t even pronounce the food, it’s so go–amn good!” he adds. The musician became involved with restaurant’s new ad in hopes of helping the business amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the comments of 50’s post, many fans joked about Ja Rule’s infamous Fyre Festival scandal. Back in 2017, Ja was one of co-organizers of the festival-gone terribly wrong — a canceled event in the Bahamas that left ticket-holders without appropriate shelter or living conditions.

As for 50 and Ja’s feud, the rift goes back decades. It’s unclear what exactly started their rocky relationship, however, they’ve maintained their disdain for one another through the years.

Ja recently had fans going wild after he challenged 50 to a rap battle on Instagram Live. “I want all the smoke but I’ll behave,” Ja said about a potential battle with his longtime foe while on a call with fellow rapper Fat Joe. Joe called Ja and put him on speaker phone during a joint Instagram Live with producer Swizz Beats on April 11.

It didn’t take long for 50 to respond. Just two days later, he shut down any hopes of a song battle between himself and Ja — in not one, but two Instagram posts on April 13. He shared a video of himself driving away in a convertible while laughing hysterically.

“Who want to battle?” 50 captioned the video. He also shared a photoshopped image of Ja Rule holding up a cardboard sign that reads, “I will battle 50 Cent for attention.” He captioned that image, “Stupid,” and added a (misspelled) #FyreFestival hashtag, to mock Ja Rule for his involvement in the failed festival.

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