Ja Rule Reignites His Feud With ‘Clown’ 50 Cent: He’s A ‘Bad Father’ & His ‘Breath Stinks’

The war between 50 Cent and Ja Rule rages on. When it looked like Ja Rule was about to end this feud, he blasted his rival for being a ‘clown’ with an ugly face, bad breath, and poor parenting skills!

“Here’s the thing, We’ve been having this ongoing feud for, I don’t know, seems like it’s been fifteen years,” Ja Rule said about his beef with 50 Cent during the Oct. 6 episode of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. It does feel as if the batter between them has gone on for decades, and Ja Rule seemed ready to finally walk away from it. “And, I think it’s time that we’ve grown past it. So, I’m to take the day on and … I am removing myself from the circus.”

Wait, was that it? Did Ja just call quits on the feud with Fiddy? NOPE. “Because, what I realized is that when you entertain clowns, you become part of the circus,” Ja said, eliciting groans from the audience who hoped that he was really taking the high road by walking away from the never-ending beef with Fifty. Even Andy Cohen seemed dismayed by this trickery and tried to get Ja to say “three nice things” about 50 Cent. “He’s a bad father. He’s got like a big square box head. And, one more thing – he looks like his breath stinks,” was all that Ja could come up with

Andy’s disappointment was palpable because he said he thought Ja was really putting an end to the feud. “Andy, why did you think that? We’re sworn enemies — FOREVER,” a laughing Ja Rule said. “FOR-EVER.” Though, Ja did note at the end of the segment that he was removing himself from the “circus,” so … feud over? Or does this mean that Ja and Fiddy’s estranged sonMarquise Jackson, 21, are going to team up to take on their mutual enemy?

Fiddy and Ja Rule’s feud has been going on for about 20 years now. In 1999, Ja was robbed at gunpoint for his chain in Southside Jamaica, Queens, according to XXL. 50 Cent alleges that Ja Rule witnessed him hanging in the club with the suppose culprit weeks after the incident, thus sparking a beef that will never end. In 1999, Fiddy also released “Life’s on the Line,” a track that mocked Ja Rule’s “Murda” chant. After that, the two would get physical in an Atlanta nightclub.

In March 2000, G-Unit and Murder Inc. crossed paths at the Hit Factory studios in New York. A physical fight broke out, leading to an altercation where 50 Cent was stabbed. Ja Rule and Murder Inc. rapper Black Child, who took credit for the stabbing on record, were arrested. Thankfully, since then, the feud has lived on solely in diss tracks and on Twitter.

50 Cent, who has been vicious on social media, roasted Ja Rule in July after he and record executive Irv Gotti getting into a physical altercation while trying to enter S.O.B.’s in Manhattan. Fiddy, offering commentary on a video of the incident, mocked his rival for doing “nothing…pump fakin’ like they’re getting ready to do something.”

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