‘NOS4A2’s Mattea Conforti: Millie Manx Will ‘Find Herself’ In Season 2 & Forge ‘Her Own Path’

'NOS4A2' returns for season 2 on June 21, and Millie Manx plays a much larger role in the second season. HL spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Mattea about Millie's journey, Millie's relationship with her father, and more.

Matteas Conforti
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The summer’s favorite supernatural horror series is back. NOS4A2 returns with Vic McQueen more determined than ever to destroy Charlie Manx as he seeks revenge against Vic. Millie Manx is still a very important part of her father’s life, but she will be on her own journey this season.

“During season 2, the viewer can definitely expect Millie Manx to go on a lot more adventures,” Mattea Conforti told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “She’s going to find herself more than she did in Christmasland. She’s going to become more of her own individual, and Millie Manx is going to learn how to take care of herself and how to assume the role of a leader. I think this season she is going to learn more about her own path. She’s going to realize where her father came from and where she came from and how she had such a strong connection with her father in the first place.”

Mattea Conforti
Mattea Conforti as Millie Manx in ‘NOS4A2’ season 2. (AMC)

No matter what, the father-daughter connection between Charlie and Millie will never be severed. “Her relationship with her father never really changes in my opinion from season 1,” Mattea continued. “She’s always been so loyal and always so loving to him. It’s just now in season 2, she’s starting to realize more about her father’s past and what she believes her father might be going through at times. But she still loves her father so much and is still so loyal to him no matter what people say.”

Christmasland will also be a major aspect of the second season. But expect some changes. “Christmasland is definitely different from season 1 because you can start to see some changes in the children’s attitudes,” Mattea teased. “You can definitely see some changes scenic wise around Christmasland. I can’t really give that much away because it’s definitely the same attitude that the children all had last season. They’re still playing games are still very gory, dangerous games, but you’re definitely going to see a lot more than just the games.”

Mattea Conforti
Charlie and Millie Manx in ‘NOS4A2’ season 2. (AMC)

In addition to NOS4A2, Mattea also reprised her role as Elisa Marie in the final season of Power. After Joe Proctor’s shocking death and Elisa Marie’s talk with Tommy, many fans started saying they’d love to see Elisa Marie pop back up on one of the upcoming Power spinoffs. Mattea weighed in on whether or not she’d return to the role.

“I would love to,” Mattea said. “I had so much fun on that set. It was definitely different than any other project that I’ve ever done before. It was a huge change for me, but I got to express my acting range and really portray a message to audiences that I’ve never really had to before. I would love to do it again.”

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