C’Marie Reveals The Inspiration Behind Her Track ‘News’ & Why Rihanna Is Her Idol

C'Marie is a stellar artist on the rise. Her latest single 'News' is out now. The singer spoke with HL about the inspiration behind 'News,' how she was influenced by Rihanna, who she'd like to collab with, and more.

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C’Marie’s newest song “News” dropped April 24, and it’s a total vibe. Seriously, add it to your playlist if you haven’t already. HollywoodLife talked EXCLUSIVELY with the young singer about how “News” came to be. “I recorded this song just before going into quarantine,” C’Marie told HollywoodLife. “I recorded it with A-1 Bentley. For this one, we just wanted to go for a bad boss kind of babe and just be like, look, I know you got your game, but I can play my games, too. Basically just letting him know that this is all news for you because you’re not used to this, but this is how it’s going to go. It’s kind of more of a let me tell you how this is how this works songs.”

A music video for the track has not been filmed just yet due to the coronavirus pandemic, but C’Marie said she is “definitely planning” on filming something when it’s safe. In the meantime, the singer is working on new music. “I’ve been writing, and it’s been so beautiful here in California,” she said. “I’ve been sitting by the pool and just listening to new music and getting new inspirations for my craft.”

C’Marie is just 20 years old. Growing up, she looked up to one of the best artists in the business: Rihanna. “I think a huge influence for me was Rihanna,” the singer revealed. “I think the way that she started off with her music career was… she started off with something that she did because it would get herself out there, and then as she went along she started to do more music that she wanted to do. Another thing that I absolutely love about Rihanna is she’s not only a singer, a performer, and a dancer, but she’s an entrepreneur. She has a makeup line, lingerie, clothing, so I really love that aspect of Rihanna because she does it all.”

C’Marie is an artist on the rise. She has a number of artists she’d love to work with in the future. “I’d love to collaborate with Drake,” she told HollywoodLife. “That would be amazing. I love Ciara. I love her style. I love her attitude. I love how she dances as well. I think it’d be really cool if we were able to do a song together or a little dance video. I really love Ella Mai. She’s very talented. She’s so cute. Her voice is like silk.”

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