‘Outer Banks’ Star Madison Bailey Comes Out As Pansexual & Reveals Her Boo In Sweet Videos – Watch

Madison Bailey, who plays Kiara on Netflix's hit show 'Outer Banks,' has a new lover in her life: UNC Charlotte basketball star Mariah Linney! They confirmed the relationship in a series of adorable TikTok videos.

Madison Bailey
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Anything is possible on TikTok! Actress Madison Bailey, who plays Kiara Carrera on the Netflix drama Outer Banks, proved this to be true by finding romance with TikTok star Mariah Linney, a 21-year-old basketball player at UNC Charlotte. Madison, 21, confirmed the relationship by taking on the “I’m not falling” TikTok challenge on June 11. This entailed Madison mouthing “I’m not falling” in a montage of clips, until — surprise — the video ended on a clip of Madison and Mariah sweetly hugging as the audio said, “Okay I’m falling.”


Surprise 🖤 @mariahlinney

♬ Im not falling youre falling – Owen Cave

Before going public with the relationship, Madison explained what it means to be pansexual in a TikTok video shared on May 25. “Nobody knows what pansexual means,” Madison wrote at the beginning of the video, and proceeded to write who she’s attracted to: “Girls,” “Boys,” “Trans Boys,” “Trans Girls,” and “Nonbinary” people. This means that Madison doesn’t have a preference towards a specific sex or gender identify, and thus she wrote, “Its whats on the inside boo.”


It made sense for Madison and Mariah to go public on TikTok, since that’s where they met! On May 20, Mariah filmed a solo TikTok video that read, “just me staring at madison bailey,” hoping to catch the attention of the Netflix star. This plays on a TikTok challenge that encourages the other person to film a duet video, and it worked — Madison did just that on the very same day! The rest is history.

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Given the origin of this love story, Mariah wrote “thanks to TikTok” underneath the first video in which Madison made her debut on the college basketball star’s TikTok page on June 11. Madison continued to make even more sweet cameos in various dance videos with Mariah!

Summer appears to be the season of love, because two of Madison’s Outer Banks co-stars — Chase Stokes and Madelyn Cline — are now dating! Netflix fans freaked out after Chase confirmed the news with romantic photos of their beach date on June 14, making everyone’s dreams of a real-life John B and Sarah Cameron romance come true. It’s a wonderful time to be an Outer Banks star.

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