K-Pop Singer Changmin Shares Exciting Marriage Plans & Fans Are Thrilled For Him

Congratulations are in order for TVXQ singer, Changmin -- he's getting married! The 32-year-old shared the exciting news with his fans in a personally-written letter on June 12.

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Shim Chang-min, who’s better known by his stage name, Max Changmin, is preparing to tie the knot! The singer, who is a member of k-pop duo, TVXQ, confirmed his relationship, which was first reported in 2019, in a letter to fans on June 12. He also revealed that he and his girlfriend, whose identity has not been revealed, will be getting married this September.

In the opening of his letter, Changmin admitted that he was struggling to share his news with fans. At the end of the day, though, he knew he had to be truthful with his loyal supporters. “On one hand, my heart feels heavy and apologetic thinking that my sudden news will shock and maybe upset some fans who always support me with great affection,” he wrote, per Soompi. “However, I felt that it is my duty to share news of a major event in my life through my own words rather than through the words of others.”


He then confirmed the Dec. 2019 news report that he’s in a relationship with a “non-celebrity.” He continued to keep her identity private in his announcement. “There is a woman I am currently dating,” Changmin wrote. “We have had a good relationship with trust and faith in one another, and naturally I decided that I want to continue my life together with this person, so we made the decision to have our wedding in September, around the time when the heat will cool down.”

After Changmin shared his letter, his management company, SM Entertainment, confirmed that the wedding will take place on Sept. 5. Other details of the wedding, including location and exact time, will be kept private. SM Entertainment also assured fans that Changmin will be continuing his duties with TVXQ after he ties the knot.

Despite Changmin’s anxiety about opening up about his relationship, fans were overall extremely supportive once the news broke. Fans flooded Twitter with congratulatory messages, and shared their excitement for the upcoming nuptials. Congrats to the happy couple!

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