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Lauren London Reveals What She Tells Sons, Kameron, 10, & Kross, 3, About Being ‘Pulled Over’ By Cops

In the latest episode of 'Red Table Talk,' Jada Pinkett Smith spoke to Lauren London about her sons' relationship with law enforcement. Of all the things she's taught her sons, Lauren revealed that she is 'protecting them.'

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Jada Pinkett Smith dedicated the June 3 episode of Red Table Talk to women who have been affected by gun violence, as she spoke to Lauren London about what the young mother-of-two teaches her sons — Kameron, 10, and Kross, 3 — about police officers. “So you’re raising two Black boys. As a mother, what are some of your precautions or some of your messaging?” Jada asked Lauren. The stunning model, 35, simply told Jada, “What I instill in them is more about the police. How to handle yourself when you get pulled over. That’s more of my education, protecting them being Black men in America.”

Lauren London
Lauren London holds her son Kross [Shutterstock].
Unfortunately, Lauren is too familiar with the consequences of gun violence, police brutality, and more in her community. In March 2019, Lauren lost her longtime partner, rapper Nipsey Hussle, when he was murdered outside of his Marathon Clothing store in South Los Angeles. In the weeks following Nipsey’s tragic death, Lauren and the community stood firmly together to remember Nipsey’s philanthropic work and how he was engaging with the young of the community, giving them a more hopeful future.

Now, Los Angeles and major cities across the globe are the sites of ongoing protests against police brutality and racial injustice, something Lauren has clearly discussed with her young sons. Since the May 25 death of unarmed Black man George Floyd at the hands of police officers, millions of people across the world have marched in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. In Los Angeles, stars like Ariana Grande, Harry Styles, and Halsey have been seen among protesters.

lauren london, nipsey hussle
Lauren London and Nipsey Hussle [Shutterstock].
With her platform, Jada chose to dedicate her talk with Lauren to women across the country who have been the targets and collateral damage of gun violence. “Nearly 1 million women alive today have reported being shot. The beautiful Breonna Taylor was struck by eight bullets while sleeping in her own home,” Jada said in the episode. Breonna Taylor, an emergency medical worker, was killed on March 13 when members of the Louisville Metro Police Department shot her in her sleep. The officers responsible have yet to face charges.

“As we are witnessing our Black men being murdered in the streets, very rarely do we talk about the women who are left behind grief-stricken and shattered,” Jada said. “George Floyd has a six-year-old daughter, a sister, a girlfriend. Ahmaud Arbery [has] a mother, a sister. Both men have countless heartbroken women – aunts, cousins, friends – in their lives who love them. We are dedicating this Red Table Talk to how gun violence affects women.”